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Since When Did You Learn English? Share Your Story Here!

Since When Did You Learn English? Share Your Story Here!

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The first time I fell in love with English was when I was about seven years old. My Dad bought me an English book with some funny pictures in it.
Then I watched Sesame Street (not the Indonesian language dubbed version), I became more and more interested in English. So I joined some English courses during my junior and senior high school years. I continued to study English at a university in Bandung and graduated after 4.5 years. I was getting better in English, but the problem was I never spoke in English. So that was when I got a chance to teach at an English course in Bandung where I had to speak in English when teaching. It was a struggle for me since I never spoke in English before. But thank God I was able to hone my skill. The hardship I got from preparing the lesson plan before teaching, facing different kinds of students, worth my time. Yesterday I got an interview to take a postgraduate program in Bandung, and I just realized how I become more comfortable speaking in English. emoticon-Smilie
since i am able to speak since my family are english speaking pple
ehm...let me try to share my stories:

I have three times learnt English
first, When I was in Senior High School 1995...so lateeeee emoticon-Mewek:....

than, when I was in College, 1998...not helpful emoticon-Hammer.

last, in year 2008...emoticon-Busa: I need to improve my speaking, because I had been working in foreign company...
emoticon-Malu I fell in love with my instructor emoticon-Cape d...s:

till tday, still have problem to speak in English emoticon-Blue Guy Bata (S)
basic question..

i have been studying english for 15 years.. but not seriously.. when i was elementary, its first introduction about english language. but i hate..ckckc..
some people told me that for gain ur english more bether than ever, u should go abroad.. maybe some people think that this way is true...

probably u got talent from god to able fluent and love english.. and not all people like this.. for me, actualy first i hate english..but as need as urgent.. i should commond good in english.. and now i still practice...hhuhuhu
hehehe , just from ending of film ,,
"THE END" . i always say.. until i know what the meaning ,, i know from my sister she tell me ,, i'm just emoticon-Smilie hear the meaning ,
it is fisrt time i know ,, about english ..


Hahaha, I learned english since elementary school. However, my english did not increased well. I think it because of my environment did not encourage me to improve my english. emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
First time learning English is when elementary i think. That time when i transfer to a new school due my Grandmother. The school i enrolled are speaking English almost all the time emoticon-Nohope so there i was, sitting on my classroom while trying to understand whatever the teacher are explaining. Cause i need to survive on that environment, i when to ask Google about stuff. I started study English from Manga, Novel, Anime, and English sub's video, which caught my attention. Then, finally i am here, understand English while trying to improve grammar emoticon-Big Grin
I learn English since my teacher gave me the second homework in Junior High School... She was very angry when I wasn't give my first homework, so I did done my second home work...but not the third and the other...finally she got cry...and I feel so bad...then I really start to learn English...still never have a very serious lesson...but, I wanna try it sometimes.
Now, I had business with foreign peoples...from many country... I had some business trip and visit them on their countries...and realized that she was very helpful...
I will say thanks if I meet her next time... emoticon-Big Grin
i learn it when i was young...it just happen naturally.
i didn't remember when, but my sister usually played western music or movie, so i also watched it with my sister...
english become very close with me because my father is english teacher too, but i don't know, i think i need a lot of practice because i'm still confuse in grammar and tenses. emoticon-Turut Berduka

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I did not know exactly when I learn english :|
But I'm sure it is on 3rd Grade in Elementary School emoticon-Big Grin
i learned english since i was in elementary school ,maybe it was 11 years ago..
in that time , i actually not really understand about english because i wasn't really like it..
but when i got to high school , i began to like english because i thought english is so fun and it was very important if we want to applying for a job ..
sorry for bad grammar..emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
I have learned English since I was in Junior High School. I got English lesson at school.
Somehow I think that the polling answer choices force us to pick "I'm still learning...." It's the most reasonable one to pick haha..

Anyway I learned English since primary schools. We used to have native teachers and full day english class.

thanks emoticon-Big Grin
i hope you could be an exchange student too emoticon-Smilie it's a ton of fun.

well I wrote some of the stories on my blog. just check qistinasatriavi.blogspot.com and I need to write the story more. anyway I just lucky at that time emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
As for me... Videogaming!
Back then, i was still a noob when it came to playing videogames and stuffs. Aaand, when i played an rpg game for the first time, i got curious with the story, so everytime there was a scene or sentences that i didn't understand, i would open my dictionary so i could know the meaning of the words. And i still do that till now. Haha.
I'm good at translating stuffs, but grammar... I still suck big time.
Officially, I have learn english from the elementary school. My father usually bought me English comic or daily vocabulary books. He sometimes talk english to me in every occasions, and it was embarrased me.

Hahaha.. I miss him so much.

Since When Did You Learn English? Share Your Story Here!

I think I have a quite-the-same story, here with pein666.
I started learning English since I was on the 6th grade of primary school,
before, I used to watch Sesame Street on TV and I think it was kinda motivating.
Then before I contibued my study to junior high, I started learning English in an English course for about three years.
After Senior high, I continued my study to English Department in a public university at Rawamangun. I feel my English skills is dramatically increasing there at university.

Nice thread, anyway, so we can share our stories.


I learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from the youngest age.. give or take, maybe when i'm around 4 years old..

The ironic part was I learn all of those by watching international channels for kids without a subtitle. That way I know some of the common used slangs out there, 'teenage' grammar, the correct pronunciation, etc etc, so I understand and speak more fluently.

And, hey, after about 10 years drilling the same thing over and over again (this time, I read ALOT english novel fiction/non-fiction to improve spelling and advanced vocabulary) long story short, I think I'm pretty decent emoticon-I Love Kaskus (S)
I don't know whether this is story or accident
but I'm trying to learn english since my english teacher at elementary school judge me as a fool so I decided to learn learn and learn english autodidact
not from book nor dictionary, only from game and movies (I don't really like reading emoticon-Hammer)

so that's my story, what's yours ?
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