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Just help, registration addin

Thank you for post registration addin.. emoticon-Smilie

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how come the captcha is always not valid when I tried to download the files?
Can someone download it?

Do I need download it from iLivid program?

I already download from that link and no problem with that captcha and I already downloaded.
You don't need download iLivid for download item.
Quote:Original Posted By Datz
Thank you for post registration addin.. emoticon-Smilie

I already download from that link and no problem with that captcha and I already downloaded.
You don't need download iLivid for download item.

thanks for the reply.
let me try again.

Req: Add-In Express for Office .Net

Agan agan yg baik - emoticon-I Love Indonesia
ada yg punya Add-in Express for Office .Net ??kalo ada request di share donk....

misi gan...
ada yang punya converter halaman ke pdf gk gan?
ane mau kasih fitur save to pdf untuk aplikasi perhitungan ane...

DevComponents DotNetBar v10.7.0.0


Softgroup.NET Controls

Softgroup.NET Multimedia Control v4.0.4556

Softgroup .Net Multimedia Control is a fast, small and lightweight native .NET control that can be used to play CD and most Audio and Video files. Softgroup Multimedia Control is customizable in every aspect: developer can change buttons images, colors and appearance of control.

Softgroup .Net Multimedia Control support the following media file formats:

• AIF (AIFF, AIFC Audio Interchange File)
• AVI (Audio Video Interleave)
• AU (AU Audio File)
• DAT (Video stream from a Video CD)
• ENC (Encore Musical Notation)
• MID (Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDI-sequention Sound
• MOV (QuickTime Video Clip)
• MPG/MPEG (MPEG 1 System Stream)
• MPE (MPEG Movie Clip)
• MPA (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II, III or IV)
• MPM (MPEG Movie)
• MPV (MPEG-1 Video File)
• MP1 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I)
• MP2 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II)
• MP3 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III)
• MP4 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer IV)
• QT (QuickTime Movie)
• RMI (MIDI File)
• SND (Audio Files)
• VOB (DVD Video Movie File)
• WAV (Windows WAVE Sound File)
• WMA (Windows Media Audio File)
• WMV (Windows Media Video File)


Softgroup.NET Progress Bar v5.0.4099

Softgroup .Net Progress Bar contains five advanced and highly customizable progress bar controls to enhance the user interface of your applications. Softgroup .Net Progress Bar control has exhaustive documentation supplied with installation where every aspect of using the product is covered in details.

• ProgressBar: a classic continuous progress bar control with customizable colours, gradient effects and direction

• ProgressBlock: a block progress bar with customizable colours, gradient and glass effect

• ProgressLoop: a loading loop progress control that can emulate IE, FireFox, MacOSX or custom progress loop

• ProgressSlider: an enhanced slidebar control that display a progress slider with various styles and effects

• TrackBar: an enhanced version of standard .Net TrackBar that implements unsupported behaviors and features of standard control.


Softgroup.NET.Bars.Controls v5.0.4556

Softgroup .Net Bars Control contains two fast, small, lightweight and enhanced controls implementation of a Outlook Bar and Windows Explorer Bar.



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gan linknya udah mati, minta link yang lain dong..emoticon-I Love Indonesia

Reupload please kk..

mintol gan :)

agan2 ada yg punya komponen imagxpress dari accusoft gak???
link yg ini gan

butuh banget... kalo bisa sama jamu sehatnya ya gan emoticon-Smilie
Sitefinity 5.0.2523.0

Thanks for the downloads

I tried to use Sitefinity, when I create a new project and use the license file that is in the download, it says "The licence file is expired or corrupted, kindly contact sales@t..."

Anyone has a work around this as I am trying to see if Sitefinity suits my needs.

Many thanks.

TVideoGrabber Video SDK

bagus nih..
gan link utk download devexpress ada yg mash aktif g y?, ane coba yg belkang kebanyakan udh pd g aktif, ada jg yg udh diapus filenya, tlng dong yg punya link alternatif yg masih aktif emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
Need DXperience Universal 12.1.4 FULL ver donk...
+2 emoticon-army:

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Quote:Original Posted By ch3rubim
Need DXperience Universal 12.1.4 FULL ver donk...
+2 emoticon-army:

Kesini aja gan
cukup lengkap koq, saya jg terbantu dengan adanya bloq ini.

emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S) emoticon-Add Friend (S)

TVideo Grabber

Quote:Original Posted By bathur
bagus nih..



Stimulsoft Ultimate 2012.1 - Build.2012.05.04

Trial Download:

Patch Download:

Good luck

AsK : Global Majic Software Instrumentation 3.5

Kalau ada yang punya Global Majic Software Instrumentation 3.5 OCX tolong di share dong.

Terima kasih
ijin nyimak sampai habs emoticon-Big Grin

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sepi sepi..
nggak da yg update..

sql server 2012

Boss ada yang punya ini?
minta linknya dong
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Best Components Untuk VB dan VB.Net

Best Components Untuk VB dan VB.Net


Maaf gan yang ini link'a sudah mati..ditunggu link baru'a emoticon-Smilie

Oyaa,kalo buat VS 2005..pake yang mana ya? sekira'a yang lebih kompatibel dan lebih cihuy tampilan'a!

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