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What If The World Without Violence?

What If The World Without Violence?

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Then the world wouldnt be much of a challenge, would it? emoticon-Big Grin
What If The World Without Violence?
Simple Answer : Peacefulness and Tranquility Throughout The World emoticon-Big Grin
What If The World Without Violence?
  • IMHO...There is no more conspiracy of US and Israel...OOT...emoticon-2 Jempol
  • Indonesia will be the Super Power...emoticon-I Love Indonesia
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Stay SAFE and Stay SECURE
God doesn`t make a violence. But a human make it.
God make a peace. but not all human make it.
so what is a conclusion for this ??
can we say that a human who make a violence is so far from a God ?

sorry for my bad english. emoticon-Big Grin

"God doesn't make a violence", really?
Everything in this world have their own pair. Men and women, Sadness and happiness, life and death, and of course peaceful and violence.
then, what was God's purpose made everything has their own pair? BALANCEemoticon-Angel

Violence is part of things that making world balance till now.
World without violence? for wink, that seems so beautiful for the sake of mankind. emoticon-Matabelo
world can be the place that we called heaven. So, theres no need for religion, theres no room for God. Remember, what for we live in this world? this is the test for us to decide where can we go afterlife. heaven or hell.

the conclusion : there's no meaning for us to live now then. emoticon-Ngakak
All people can live in peaceful mind. it can start to happen when people start to throw their ego away emoticon-Smilie
very very good
no war no murder...
that's amaizing
i hope it's

honestly..i think that there's a bit of difference between the pairing of men-women, sadness-happiness, life-death, and peaceful-violence..

men-women and life-death were destined by God..
yet, sadness-happiness and peaceful-violence are our we can make this world in peace or violence depend on us..

and there's no kind of violence..violence is just a word when there is no peace..

emoticon-Angkat Beer
i think that was impossible, because human never feels satisfy or get enough for what they have... so they will find a way for get what they want, includes violence...
yeah, actually this world consist of two side, good and bad. There are good people, there are bad people too. Violence surely exist although a little. It is because of hatred in man.
Suddenly it reminds me of a part of Imagine's lyrics by John Lennon,that said:

"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace"

Yeah,unfortunately It's only what John imagined back a few years ago.But everyone hope that it will comes true
no violence no good either wahahaha , too bored , violence is a part of life i think
violence is the source of many criminals, non-violent world will be peaceful, prosperous.perhaps no prison in the world
if there's a female then there's a male.
if there's a creator then there's a creature.
sadness and happiness.

then how do there's a love without...?

fill in the blanks yourself emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)

Hostile?sex?or what?

I still don't get it.So I assume that you agree that world will not balance unless violence exist in it?

I don't think how that's what we call balance.It seems to me that it sounds okay to you if violence keep happening in this earth,but in the other hand many people are still struggling in their hope to stop violence that keep happening.Balance,itself for me,doesn't go in that way.emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)
life will be peace, no criciminal, no war, no fighting and so forth but you know what the world will be so boring afteward.
we don't need rule, police, justice, punishment, I can't imagine life is so easy to live

so let's talk about reality (although you ask about what if ), as we all know human always have good and evil in their heart, so that human can turn to be either good or bad person. it's imposibble to happen as long as human exist, violence will exist too

my dream, our dream having such a peaceful world to live in.
but in reality violence keep happening. i didn't say that it's ok for me.emoticon-Berduka (S)
my expectation is the same. i hate war, although i never experience it before.
I mean,
disputes started of hatred.
indifference is probably small thing.
have you ever thought, we always feel something or understand of something because there is the opposite of that?
no offenseemoticon-Blue Guy Peace

ok this is my 2 cents if our world without war.
- We will live in peace and prosperity ... but no doubt the war also brought a change. good and bad side.emoticon-shakehand

sorry my english isn't good.. phewemoticon-Berduka (S)
according to the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang or in a Balinese conceptual theory known as Rwa Bhineda, when there's a white the black one will follow as long as you go.
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