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(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?

(ask) the best way learning english, grammar first or vocab?

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No one of them is less important,

Vocab n Grammar are important in learning English

IMO. The important thing is "Practice makes perfect". . .
I think language is the way of communication, as long as the people who become your partners can understand what your talking about. that is language. no metter your grammar is true or not.

Nah you get the point emoticon-Smilie

People have their own abilities, some good at grammar, and the rest good at their vocabs.

result from studying English by movies. lol emoticon-Ngakakemoticon-Ngakak


but just always have in ur mind


how do you come with that statement? are you native?
grammar first ! at least, we know how to answer the test

i have a problem like you too, and i think this is languange, and we must be use it for many time. CMIIW
I think the order is like this ...
1. Listening ---> (vocabulary + pronunciation)
2. Speaking ---> (vocabulary + pronunciation)
3. Reading ---> (vocabulary + pronunciation)
4. Writing ---> (vocabulary + pronunciation + grammar)

In my opinion, for beginner or elementary level, u should try to focus your self into vocabularies and basic conversation. Make your ear, and your lips accustomed to English first. you can try by listening to music, movies, news and then try to pronounce it. Read aloud a simple stories or manga and translating them will help you in developing your pronunciation skill and learn vocabularies at the same time. you also can try to learn basic grammar like simple present tense, past tense or future tense along the way ...

For the intermediate or advance level, you have to study both vocabularies and grammar and use it in speaking and writing. Reading English book/novel/literature and translating them will greatly improve your English. You also can try to express your ideas in paragraphs or other writing formats. emoticon-Smilie


yups... I agree with U

I think,,, grammar is nothing without vocabulary emoticon-Smilie
I think they are equally important when you are learning English. Grammar is like base or foundation when learning English. If you have good grammar, you can learn more vocab and utilize correct English later on. Although you know many vocabs, without proper grammar you will speak like an uneducated person.
it's according to your needs i think..,the collaburation of them is needed....

Vocab first!!!
Grammar is not really necessary.
If u ever talk with american.Listen to the detail of it sentences,u will realize their grammar are awful.
They use slang words emoticon-Ngakak
the best way to learning english it's your interest

i think u need practice and practice more

Learn Grammar and Vocabulary Simultaneously!

Such a good question you asked here.

As a matter of fact, nothing is more important than another. And that holds true in learning a foreign language. Don't discriminate. Learn all, even topics that you hate most.

I used to hate Speaking during my freshman year. I was too shy to speak a word in public. I'd rather write a long composition in English than speak English where other people are around me and watch and listen to me while I am making so many mistakes. But then I realized I couldn't acquire English better if I kept discriminating like this. I learned to like Speaking and it worked!emoticon-Blue Guy Smile (S)
u should study them both
when u learn grammar, vocab will follow unconciously
and vice versa
grammar always be a nightmare for me emoticon-Hammer
in every English test, especially TOEFL i got more on everything except grammar..
i always think if person that i want to talk id understand what i say , so i don't need grammar..
but for looking for a scholarship grammar needed emoticon-Hammer
Vocab first and then basic grammar and then progressive and past grammar
vocab is important because grammar based on vocab

vocab for present and past and progressive (continuous)
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Write Wrote written Writing

If you don't have good vocab you will have difficulty in understanding grammar
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