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Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)

Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)

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dear all,
let's start a chat

skype : abim_thamrin

thanks emoticon-Smilie
hello all, i want to join conference with you.
i hope we can chat together and improve each english
ym : black_falcon_1994
Thank You

Chit-Chat? Why not...

hello guys, fellows kaskusers...
to make it short and simpler:

please add me
my kaskus ID : elangyudantoro
my YM : elangyudantoro@yahoo.com
my skype : elangyudantoro
my twitter: @elangyudantoro

thank you.
Im wondering if this is a safe place to publish our email.
because this is an open site.
everyone can see all of our ym account.
not only a good guy can see this thread, but a bad guy can do it also.
maybe you should think twice before you publish your account.
and, who is the thread master? Is he/she a good one?
can we trust him/her? can he/him guarantee our account is safe?
no virus or some kind of like bot that can attack our account?
then will spam our email or send to any other email without our permission?
experience can explain all of what i said.
i also want to join this best group
ym: vv_tania
msn : vv_tania@hotmail.com
skype: artemis.solaris
hi all ..
i'd like to join this chit chat club ..
feel free to add me ..

nick kaskus : mbullucull
yahoo mess : pinkysweet89
skype : qyudh_gurl

hope i can make my english better and gain some friends emoticon-Smilie
thanks ..
Hi,good to see you all...

Just add my YM : masyeikhu@ymail.com

Lets talk about everything in English,...
Remember, everything....museic,sport,style,religion or daily activities..

I am waiting for you.
emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
hi guys..
i wanna join chit-chat at YM
please add me

Kaskus ID : TjambukBerduri
YM ID : takdirhijau@yahoo.com
i thought the title lets chit chat in a fun way meant chatting in this thread, but i saw everyone gave single ym and skype id
is that mean all of you do the chat in the messanger?

hi im newbie in english, hope you'll correct my errors >.<

Edit :
ah i didnt see the that Y and M words ahaha sorry emoticon-Blue Guy Peace

i want to do this chit chat things to .. but i don't know how to start it ..
here is my ym : fick_punks@yahoo.com
and i don't have any skype id ..

copoe, your english is pretty good by the way emoticon-Smilie

ahahaha you must be kiddin me, ty
that's the most common probs, how to start it
i suggest that you say "hi"
it's simple and interesting right
hi, i need to improve my english skill so i need a partner to correct my english, please add my ym ije.vercetty@yahoo.com
dunno why my english will never be able to be better emoticon-Frown
I'm a newbie here. I want to improve my english skill. I hope can learn more from this forum and from all of you.

My YM: frank_dedy@yahoo.co.id

add my ym please : love_not_sure@yahoo.co.id
add my skype : febrina.liora

i love to speak english, but i can't speak english very well , i want to learn english with everyone in kaskus emoticon-Smilie
So you guys are going to have conversation via YM and skype?
Guys I'm wanna ask u a question.
Anybody can tell me what tense being used ini this sentence
"Could you help me..."
What's the differences with "can you help me.."
I didn't get it the use of v2/v3 in some kind sentences, even they aren't speaking the past..

Sorry for my bad english, if you don't mind please correct these post. That's would be help me to improve my english. emoticon-Big Grin
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