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Tweak limiter emoticon-Hammer
Reverse engeneering? biar nggak bisa bongkar kode modnya gitu? emoticon-Bingung (S)

Betul, gan. Tool yang dulu itu. Dia bisa baca semua scripts.txt menjadi seperti, cuman local variable'nya aja yang jadi pake nama generic.
enhanced_process_script mencodekan nama script-script'nya dan menghapus nama global variable, jadi tool tersebut akan kesulitan membaca.

untungya ane udah bisa sedikit ngakalinnya gan emoticon-Ngakak (S), btw ane juga lagi nunggu bryt yg 1.40 gan emoticon-Ngakak
Twilight of the sun king dah menyentuh 1.60 GB emoticon-Hammer2

Waaa, aku download Brytenwalda 610mb aja udah ngos2an xl unlimited'nya


Selamat! Berarti agan termasuk yang dikategorikan ama getassista sebagai orang yang bisa membuat smart tweak.emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (S)

buset, serem amat gan ampe segitu size.a, donlot hrs nyicil ampe seminggu dah klo gini emoticon-Hammer (S)

Itu udah dikompres gan? gede banget emoticon-Hammer (S)

belum dikompres gann emoticon-Big Grin

wakakakak emank ane kalo maen game apapun pasti ane utak atik sendiri gan emoticon-Ngakak

texture nya gan gede plus normalmap ama specular map emoticon-Takut (S)

fitur2 dalam mod yg dah brhasil dimasukin:

1. Maintain a siege or loot a village whilst saying within a radius and have the ability to interact with your menus and move about.
2. Kill a lord. The Prisoner discussion system has been altered so that talking to them has numerous outcomes. One of them is executing them. Europe will not be happy.
3. Promote your troops. You can promote anyone. Talk to any soldier and look for the option "You there! Valorous soldier! What is your name!" It will allow you to promote them as an aide-de-camp. They will operate as a companion. Due to them not natively being in the game, I'm working on how to make their dialog and variables associated with companions work. Give me some time. I will also randomize them in the future so you don't always get them in the same order.
4. Feminized meshes for all armours.
5. Military uniforms have been faction tagged to only appear in the nation in which they are made. I will do this with cultural clothes and later nations.
6. A semi-working, semi-realistic Mercantilism economic system. It's a work in progress.
7. Crouching for you and for your soldiers.
8. The Native Mod Compilation base code (Diplomacy, Custom Commander, Entrenchment, PBOD, Dueling Mod, Bank few other mods)
9. Randomized sounds for guns.
10. 12 new criminals and outlaws to hire.
11. The ability to start and continue to operate as an Outlaw.
12. 3 Pirate Towns along the Barbary Coast which are unowned by any faction.
13. Tavern Women who will raise your morale.
14. New dialog
15. All new companions. You can hire me! I'm Celeste la Fleur. /shameless plug
16. Several companions have unique dialog.
17. Changed the font to Times New Roman.
18. Unique Military uniforms for all current nations, including Prussia
19. Unique Military Horses for all factions
20. Ethnic Refugees appearing in towns who allow you to recruit ethnic soldiers.
21. Unique Townsmen and Townswomen, as well as Villagers.
22. A bunch of new props for scene use
23. Custom Gunsmiths in the capitals of cities.
24. A traveling Chaplain who allows you access to men of faith by faction, to increase morale and honour.
25. Realistic bandits which reflect the political issues of the time.
26. Several OSP items and scripts to fill out our items list.
27. Over twenty new trade items and production centers.
28. A traveling retired staff officer who hires you trainers to train your men at the expense of morale.
29. Tavern women who raise your morale and have unique dialog.
30. Changed (almost done) Denars to Bank Notes, to reflect the use of paper money invented in Sweden in 1686.
31. Changed the names of unit types from Infantry, Archers and Cavalry to Pikemen, Musketeers, Cavalry, Melee, and Dragoons, for ease of the player. Anyone with a firearm becomes a Musketeer. All melee armed people start as Pikemen.
32. Changed and created strings for the new economic system to show up in dialogs.
33. Totally new soundtrack.
34. Musket animations and reloading animations are revised.
35. The ability to hire sailors, merchant guards, and criminals via town menu.
36. All factions are renamed. All lords have historical names.
37. Illegal Boxing Matches and Gambling games based out of London (not yet implemented)
38. Removed Power Draw and made it into Strategy. It's an Intelligence based skill which will allow you to determine a whole new siege system.
39. Renamed proficiencies. Artillery will likely be used in combination with Strategy to determine sieges. If you bring cannons with you to siege a town or castle, you can barrage the town. When we get artillery, it will factor into your siege. I'm going to be using a simple menu screen for the player to quickly move through sieges, as not all sieges ended in a fight. It's a work in progress and will be in future releases.
40. Nearly all NPCs have period clothing.
41. Several new hair meshes.
42. Removed all non period hair and beards.
43. All new, realistic map of Europe, Asia, and North Africa.
44. Rename your regiment at 300 renown.
45. Integrated Realistic Colors and Expanded Horizons
46. Ethnically appropriate clothes for various people.
47. Unique faces for nearly all NPCs, including lords and ladies (I love the Randomize button!)
48. All new Character Creation. Choose wisely. Some people start off extremely poor but a hell of a warrior, others very rich with opulent weapons but lacking in military training.
49. All new blood effects. Try shooting someone and watch it gush.
50. A combat experience that scares the hell out of you.

buset emoticon-Matabelo klo gtu ane nyerah dah, diserahin ke agan alan aja emoticon-Big Grin

keren2 loh gan fiturnya.. emoticon-Malu (S)
saya dah minta ke tim supaya donlotan nya di potong jd 10 part, 98MBan per part nya wkwkwk emoticon-Big Grin
dah lama gak maen di sini emoticon-Big Grin
ada yg masih nyimpeng link mod rekomended gak ? emoticon-Big Grin
trus minta jg link Mod Perang Salib dong emoticon-Big Grin

besar2 sih gan emoticon-Big Grin , lagian fiturnya ultimate
btw ada fitur berlayar sambil perang dilaut?

fitur berlayar smbil perang dilaut kyk nya bakalan ada jg emoticon-2 Jempol
itu blum seberapa gan fiturnya..msh ada bnyk yg masih working progress emoticon-Big Grin

ini beberapa fitur yg masih dikerjakan msh progress ama tim coding :

1. New presentations for players on many screens as I learn how to make them.
2. Realistic sea-battles, with boat-to-boat combat, in combination with cannons.
3. The ability to do sea trade and fight off Barbary Pirates.
4. Buy, upgrade, name, and staff many types of ships.
5. Artillery of many types.
6. Promotable Companions with rank that will work to replace "killed" or fled lords.
7. Ethnically and historically accurate villagers by village, with period clothing.
8. Villages that change as their prosperity increases. Duh and I are working on how to trigger three scenes per village. Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class.
9. New Trade Items.
10. New Manufacturies.
11. New sounds (muskets, orders in multiple languages, battle cries in multiple languages, pistols, reloading sounds, etc).
12. All new scenes. Yebenoso, Dellivis and I are going to work on them.
13. Several siege types and scenes.
14. Town and Castle recruitment. Town for elite and artillery, castle for cavalry. Will depend on if you've enlisted with an army.
15. The Pirate towns will be recened and stocked with pirates, thieves, brigands, and the Custom Commander employer. These are and will remain owner-less so that they will remain safe havens for the brigand or the player willing to trek over there. They will have working merchants, music, and other things.
16. Ramun, the slave trader, is being moved to one of the Barbary towns and made into a Berber who will buy your prisoners into slavery. This will hurt your honour, increasing your ability as an Outlaw.
17. The possiblity of Hungarian Rebellion due to political/economic triggers.
18. Russia, Prussia, Poland/Saxony, Denmark, and Sweden are being added as factions.
19. Extensive, realistic, working troop trees.
20. I will redo the "View Upgrade" presentation so that things are spaced better and accurate, for each faction and for Outlaws.
21. The Illegal Boxer is a Russian based upon the exile of Bare Knuckle boxing that was banned in Russia in 1684. It moved to London and became modern Boxing. It will be the back alley scene of London. I'm making a copy of the "Murder Merchant" template and using that. I'm going to put some people standing around, using the wedding animations of clapping and cheering, whilst you box it out with a random of 8 boxers, varying in difficulty.
22. Any other scripts or ideas I can implement for us.
23. Better and more Gunsmiths who will in towns as a merchant, allowing you to buy custom guns.
24. Swordsmiths which will appear in towns as a merchant and allow you to buy custom knives and swords.
25. Better presentations.
26. "Fake Death" animations, where a man will fall after taking a musket shot, but get back up if alive.
27. More ethnic villages reflecting the political issues of the time.
28. A better hand grenade.

this feature i like the most emoticon-thumbsup

ada meriam jg kan, manteb tuh emoticon-2 Jempol
busyet jrg2 mampir
skli mampir dpt bnyk update-an emoticon-Matabelo

tuh fitur ny keren2 smua smpe bsa 1.60gb emoticon-Shutup (S)
btw ntr hrs cb tuh emoticon-Blue Guy Peace

oh ya kenapa gk di mnt compress trs di bagi jd bbrp part gan?biar lbh enteng emoticon-Blue Guy Peace


Bakal seru nih emoticon-thumbsup:

bukan seru lagi gan, tpi SARU (sangat seru) emoticon-Ngakak
ga sabar bwt mainin, tpi ga tega bwt donlotnya emoticon-Mewek
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