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Komunitas Pengguna Dune HD - High Quality Media Player

Komunitas Pengguna Dune HD - High Quality Media Player

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update firmware untuk DUne H1:

Version "110606_1315_update1" (the latest stable version)
Download: dune_firmware_hdsmart_h1_110606_1315_update1.dff (ZIP)
Changes since 110606_1315:
* Includes changes from 110225_1222_update2 (ensuring compatibility with
the latest player batches). So, players with preinstalled
110225_1222_update2 firmware can be upgraded to this firmware version.

* Minor improvements for "Kartina.TV" application.
HDD models to be used as an internal HDD.

For player models supporting an internal HDD (such as Dune HD Mini, Dune HD Center, Dune HD Base, Dune HD Base 2.0, Dune HD Base 3.0, Dune HD Max, Dune HD Smart H1, Dune HD Smart D1), please consider the following recommendations:

Use HDD with a suitable heat emission level. The exact suitable HDD models may depend on various factors, such as the ambient temperature and player cooling and airflow conditions. Generally, it is recommended to use HDD models with the smallest possible RPM value (e.g. 5400 RPM), smallest possible number of platters (e.g. 1 or 2 platters), and specially optimized for reduced power consumption and heat production and for use inside A/V equipment (e.g. Western Digital Green Power series).
For example, HDD models such as Western Digital WD5000AACS (500 GB, 5400 RPM, 2 platters) and Seagate ST31000528AS (1000GB, 7200 RPM, 2 platters) are typicaly suitable.
HDD models with high heat production, such as Seagate ST31500341AS (1500 GB, 7200 RPM, 4 platters) are not suitable and must not be used.

Menurut informasi pabrik.. in future.. Dune smart series bisa di upgrade nga cuma firmwarenya saja.. bahkan sampai hardware.... dalam hal ini chipset/prosesornya

Cukup mengganti main boardnya saja ...

Sampai saat ini Chipset Sigma 8642 ---> 8646 (HDMI 1.4 --> 3D ISO support)

Dune HD Max is the first "THX Media Director" enabled media player

Dune HD Max is the first "THX Media Director" enabled media player

Dune HD GmbH announced that the Dune HD Max Universal Digital Media Player is the first commercial Blu-ray player to integrate THX Media Director™ technology. THX’s unique technology transforms movies, music and other digital media into “smart content” that enables A/V components to auto-select the most appropriate audio and video playback settings, preserving the content creator’s artistic intent.

Komunitas Pengguna Dune HD - High Quality Media Player

Dune HD Max is the first "THX Media Director" enabled media player

Komunitas Pengguna Dune HD - High Quality Media Player

Dune HD Universal Digital Media Players are widely recognized for playing nearly all audio and video formats regardless of delivery format, resolution or type — a key reason THX selected the Dune HD Max to be the first commercial player to demonstrate THX Media Director technology. THX Media Director works with a variety of digital media (i.e., optical discs, downloads, broadcast and streaming) to simplify and ensure an optimal home theater experience for consumers.

THX is building the THX Media Director foundation with support from leading semiconductor chip companies, enabling CE device manufacturers to easily implement THX Media Director functionality into these devices. HDI Dune worked closely with THX and major semiconductor chip companies to integrate THX Media Director and help pave the way for an ecosystem of THX Media Director enabled AV receivers, HDTV displays (2D/3D), projectors and video processors to emerge.

Dune HD Max Highlights:
• Supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio as well as DVD and Blu-ray discs and images, in addition to network delivered or internal HDD based audio and video files
• Features ultra-fast networking speeds, IPTV, Internet radio functions, and a built-in Internet browser
• Includes a 3.5 inch SATA HDD rack with hot-swap support, internal SD card slot, and 3 high speed USB 2.0 ports for connecting external storage, expansion modules or devices

THX Media Director Benefits:
• Automatically selects optimal video and audio modes based on the content, so users don’t have to navigate complex menus using multiple remote controls to get the best home entertainment setup
• Allows users to enjoy the signature playback features and settings specific to their HDTV and home theater system
• Signals HDTV displays with the appropriate 3D characteristics when 3D content is detected, ensuring that the components automatically select the proper 3D mode

THX Media Director is a trademark of THX Ltd. which is registered in some jurisdictions. All rights reserved.
Mau minta info sedikit, apakah donggle untuk Dune HD bisa pake donggle merk lain? Apakah ada yg tahu bisa pake merk apa aja? Thanks

sebaiknya sih pakai dongel wifi yg punya dune.. pasti kompatibel emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
Thanks Infonya, mau coba yang sudah ada dulu donggle nya kalo berhasil nanti saya post disini.

HDI Dune: future upgrades for the new Taiwanese models

HDI Dune: future upgrades for Dune Smart Series

"We would like to inform our users that for all the new models of our players including Dune HD Max, Dune HD Smart B1 / H1 / D1, in the future they will be able to upgrade the main boards of these players in any of our authorized service centers (distributor place in corresp. country) with changing the current main board on 8642 chip to the board with 8646 chip. Of course, all the advantages of 8646 architecture will be available to our users this way: including 1Gbit Ethernet and faster Blu-ray discs and images loading because of the 800MHz speed of those new chips. "

Sumber : Link
kelemahan dune hd, tidak ada service centre di jakarta, itu pengalaman saya waktu mau memperbaiki dune hd max yang memiliki masalah di tray (keluar / masuknya cepat).
Player dune tidak bisa mati total walau dalam keadaan stanby tetep dia mengalirkan listrik ke hdd, (hdd panas), oleh sebab itu dia buat power switch untuk mematikan listrik secara total, beda dengan ac ryan dia bisa mati total walau pun keadaan stanby, hdd tidak panas
Semua ini pengalaman saya selama mengunakan multimedia player
Jadi Dune H1 ini suka cepet panas ya?
Terus gimana kalo kita mau nonton film berjam2 (>5 jam) ?
Gan, kenapa ya pas ane mau bikin Jukebox film2 MKV ada bbrp Film yg ga bs di Scrape, Ane pake DUNE H1 ..!! Mohon bantuannya gan ??!!!

- Bisa di informasikan bikin Jukebox menggunakan software apa ?
- Maksudnya di scrape ?
- Jika tidak dapat cover ada beberapa kemungkinan, misal: judul tidak sesuai dengan database imdb atau lainnya.
Jika pun cover tidak terdeteksi , dengan menggunakan Dune Explorer kita bisa menambahkan cover sendiri dan background sendiri ... tinggal di copas saja

Sebelumnya bisa diinformasikan anda membeli Dune HD Max dimana ? siapa ? di lapak kaskus ??
Bingung, knp postingan ane di page 1 di hapus ya?

jukebox-nya pake apa gan? Biasa sih utk scraping film2 barat/mandarin diambil dari situs IMDB ( [url][/url] ), coba diganti aja pake TMDB ( [url][/url] )..Liat aja di setting / langsung edit di file xml-nya

Ane pake Zippi bro..!?
Komunitas Pengguna Dune HD - High Quality Media Player

mksdnya zapitti x bro...
tolong infonya,

gw pake wdtv, baru baru ini beli dune h1 buat ruangan lain .
kalo di install zapitti bakal konflik gak ya ke wdtv karena pemakaiannya swap hardisk , bukan lewat network


Iya bro..hehee..
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