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If you have Rp., what will you do?

If you have Rp., what will you do?

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will give to my parent first and buy anythink i want after that give it to all people in indonesian become a rich country emoticon-Ngakak
i dream too much emoticon-Nohope
if i get that money perhaps i'll donate some of money to them. i'll give it to my parents for bringing them go to overseas or make them happy. i'll save my money for my future.
I don't know, how i can use that money, because i haven't use money as much as you said..
thanks for everyone who had commented in my thread, god bless you all emoticon-Kiss
I will BUY KASKUS, and sell it on Ebay

buy a new house for my family,condominium,cars,gadgets,invite Jay Chou for my private party,travelling with big family+friends,donate it for charity..and invest the rest for the future. emoticon-Smilie
If you have Rp., what will you do?
I will buy speedy .. emoticon-Big Grin
1. i'll go to california and buy a simple house
2. and then i start to have my own clothing label emoticon-Big Grin
3. annnnndd i think i'm gonna adopt a baby emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

wew, what a good idea sir emoticon-Big Grin
If I have Rp., i do money for a scholarship s2 s3, and more... ngahahaa........
If I have Rp., i will invest my money, so that i can earn money without working hard 9 to 5 monday to friday... emoticon-Smilie
travelling aroun the world
and spend the rest of my life in France or England emoticon-Big Grin
i will give to unlucky people

hehe... wise idea. . . emoticon-2 Jempol
I'll make new company, so the unemployment people can work in my company, and I hope, there will a better life for them
i can buy anything i want with that money
and i can going to everywhere i want
with 10T i'll buy anything in my mind emoticon-Big Grin
hey what will you do on egypt ?
i prefer go to USA
I would have been chased by the police because of corruption emoticon-Ngakak
If you have Rp., what will you do?
wanna study in france
Halaman 5 dari 39

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