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Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)

Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)


Hi Guys..

This thread is the new generation of the YM [Yahoo Messenger] Club

Based on that.. if you wanna have a chit-chat (in english ofcourse)
Feel free to add my YM or my Skype for instance...
I will be online often in work hour(Skype) , So please add me... and add your ID
and let's have fun in English!!!!

Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)
Spoiler for IMPORTANT:


YM: pauline.nindhya (this one is new) please add me...
Skype ID : treesiapaulinenindhya

About me : I'm Pauline, 24 f. love to chat alot. I'm a product specialist in a multinational company which in online database area. Love to travel, and enjoy everything that happen into my life includes YOU! So guys, will you take part in my life??? emoticon-Smilie

Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)
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Please post ONLY your ID in this thread....
if you want to have some conversation, please refers to EF lounge..

Don't forget to mention to all members that you're from KASKUS
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I'm feelin sleepy rite now, sorry for not paying attention to ur 'shiny' notes above emoticon-Hammer

my ym
feel free to add me,please include the message 'kaskus ef'
it helps me much to differ my customer's ym and English member

♥ thnks lotus emoticon-Smilie
thank you Pauline to invite your auntie here emoticon-Malu

I'm Moen, love to chat lots too... please feel free to add me in your YM and Skype list. My
YM: melanie.muhammad
Skype: melanie.muhammad

I have too many id in kaskus, but my prime id is: cherry2008.

let's have conference guys and find a good topic again emoticon-Big Grin
wao nu threademoticon-Smilie

lets chat togetheremoticon-Smilie
im forgot that i ever posted my YM here emoticon-Hammer

thx for lotusloops who reminds me emoticon-Big Grin
Hi Pauline, finally new thread with new TS emoticon-Big Grin

Feel free to add me then nudge/buzz or w/e me anytime, coz I'm too shy to start conversation emoticon-Embarrassment emoticon-Hammer

YM :
Skype : zami47

Should I post all the list that I and Lord.Aizen made from old thread or we just restart all of it here?

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===> mz_cahyo <===

I'm a fresh graduate n now try to be young businessman emoticon-Big Grin


I will need your help Brooooo.... emoticon-Smilie thanks in advance bro.. emoticon-Smilie
add my YM kodok_ngorex2442

thank youemoticon-Big Grin
thanks for reminds me too.. ^^

this 4th gathering seems like, quite interesting for me.. i do wanna learn a lot n ofcoz find more friends. emoticon-Big Grin

if sumbody want to share English with me , dont hesitate for add me in:
perhaps we can learn together.

well, its nice.. start a conference with a good topic can help us to learn more n more.
im waiting for this plan auntie (should i call u auntie? ). emoticon-Embarrassment

haha.. same like you.. i already forgot i ever post my ym in this thread before.. emoticon-Big Grin

thx lotusloops.. emoticon-Smilie emoticon-Genit:

my ym : defender_pratama

let Buzz me anytime when i am OL.. emoticon-Smilie

Learn English Speaking By YM

emoticon-I Love Indonesia agan-agan, ane sejak kecil suka banget sama bahasa inggris, tapi sayang sekali ane ga punya teman praktek speaking english... makanya dari itu kalau teman-teman mengalami nasib yang serupa seperti ane. kita speak bahasa inggris lewat yahoo masangger kan bisa chat pakai microphone. he he.
siapin aja mic sama camnya... emoticon-I Love Kaskus....

ym agan-agan apa, ntar aku add deh..., kalau ym aku ibrahim_azo
Hi guys!
Thanks for inviting me via PM emoticon-Smilie
Feel free chit chat with me, add my YM: haritsanwar
Please inform me that you're from kaskus, so I don't get confused.
If you want to group chat, web chat or whatsoever are welcome.
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