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[links]Professional Software untuk para musisi!!!

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Mas magesy, punya linknya yg di rapid*share gak ?

emoticon-Angkat Beer

Sorry : Gak ngeliat ke bawah ternyata ada rapid sharenya.... maaf ya , jadi malu nich

Request sample untuk drumagog donk, gan... emoticon-Angkat Beer

makasih bos!

bro magesy..
ane nyubi nih mau minta ijin bwt dongdot emoticon-Big Grin
ane udah baca dari hal awal...
trnyata ni trit lngkap abis ya emoticon-Embarrassment
sopwer yg ane cari ada smua lohemoticon-thumbsup:
pokoke ane salut deh sama bro magesy emoticon-Angkat Beer
thx b4
Riointerval ,, kenapa sih gak buka2 halaman2 sebelumnya ,,, NO REQUEST ,, liat aja trus baru deh tahu disini ada apa enggak ,,, emoticon-Angkat Beer

ah,kumendan bisa aja.....emoticon-Embarrassment,jadi malu nih sebagai Kopral.....

oh ya,gw blum bisa ketemu Komandan nih,kopral masih sibuk gawe ndan....

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Salut Buat Mas Magesy

betul banget, Emang salut buat mas magesy...
Software 2xnya yang dishare keren abisss.... emoticon-Angkat Beer


mo tanya masss masih adakah linknya frutyloop xxl ???
Thanx's yah



Pass: 3magin8.com

Thanks banget yaa Brozky...

Bro Magesy,

Jujur, saya salut dengan anda... Bayangin ajah, orang yang sangat berdedikasi untuk nge upload software musik, udah ampir keluar, tapi tetap niat untuk nge upload... Setuju banget tuch dengan yang lain, liat-liat thread dulu donkkk baru tanya ke si abang satu ini... Bro, gw kalo ikut nimbrung nambahin (kalo ada) boleh yaa... Sekali lagi, tenks berat bro, walopun blon pernah donlot dari sini, tapi list-list anda tuch yg aku pake untuk cari vsti baru... Thanks again...!!
sama2 bro ate ... just trying to share for all musicians ...

Mas.. butuh FL XXL nya nehh, bisa di angkat lagi kah linknya .... , saya nyoba DL eh ternyata di remove oleh owner.
mohon pencerahannya mas ... emoticon-Angkat Beer

"Decdance" Software for DJ'ers

Page mas... punya data freeware Dekdance .. utk para dj'ers.... terima kasih emoticon-Cool
Nanya donkz , ada ga software buat baca not angka dari sebuah lagu ?? Gw pingin rubah ni lagu Hitamku ke not angka . Ada yg tw software . Thx be4
wah gw juga kebetulan lagi cari software buat notasi tu
tapi notasi angka bukan partitur not balok
ato yg bisa konversi dari partitur ke not angka
trus buat dicetak....
bokap gw minta cariin softwarenya
softwarenya apa ya?
Mantap sekali...
Ada yang punya linknya frutilube full version + crack???
waduh .. baru denger tuh Frutilube emoticon-Hammer .. mungkin fruityloops yaa
Bang Ane Udah Donlot Guitar Pro-nya
Udah Install Terus Tinggal Masukin Key Id
Pas Mau Nyalain Keygen Ada Tulisan
"WindowsCannot Access The Specified Device, Path Or File. You May Not Have The Appropriate Permissions To Access The Item"
Gimana Tuh ?

Btw, Req Software Buat Motong Lagu Ada Ga ?
Misalnya Diawal Lagu Ga Ada Suara Apa Apa Terus Mau Diilangin Gitu ?
emoticon-Ngacirmaaf numpang lewat nich
misi achemoticon-Forum Music

[CENTER]Fruity Loops Studio 8.0 XXL Edition
..:| Professional Software for Musician |:..
Make virtually any sound. FL8 includes 29 virtual synthesizers covering acoustic/synthetic bass, electric guitar and plucked string simulation, sampler tools including piano, general sample playback, and beat-slicing, and a range of synthesis techniques (subtractive, modelling, FM, granular and additive). With FL Studios newest addition, FL Synthmaker - a fully modular environment, you can now create & share your own FL instruments, effects & dashboards without the need to write basic code.

Audio Recording & Editing

Capture audio from a single vocalist or a full symphony orchestra. FL8 can record up to 64 simultaneous tracks of audio. The Playlist workspace can contain an unlimited number of audio tracks and allows you to arrange discrete audio events in any order or position the creative process dictates with complete flexibility. Audio tools allow the user to time-stretch, pitch-shift, beat-slice, chop, edit and creatively destruct audio. FL8 audio editing is further enhanced with Edison, the recording wave editor. Edison is a fully integrated audio editing and recording tool with spectral analysis, convolution reverb, loop-recording, loop-construction tools and more…

FL Studio imports/exports WAV, MP3 and OGG formats

Record musical performances and ideas in the most logical way. FL8 functions as both a pattern and track based sequencer, depending on user preferences. Tools include an unlimited track Step-sequencer, an industry-leading Piano Roll and Automation Clips. FL Studio supports MIDI and input from all standard Controllers.

FL8 is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers

Determine your own project design. In FL8, you decide how your project will be laid out. Unlike the competition, FL8's Playlist is a totally flexible and virtually unbounded space where Note Pattern, Audio and Automation data can be arranged and edited to suit your creative ideas and preferred workflow.


The most powerful mixer in its class. FL8 includes an industry-leading 64 stereo track mixer. Each track can hold a stack of 8 effects (VST, DX or FL) and, if desired, be routed to any of the other 64 tracks or one of 4 dedicated 'send' channels. The 44 included effects plugins span - Maximization, Limiting, Compression, Delay, Distortion, Equalization (graphic & parametriuc), Filtering, Phasing, Flanging, Chorus, Vocoding and Reverb. These will take you from the creative broad-brush effects like reverb, through to the minutia of the mastering process with multiband compression/limiting and parametric EQ.

Lifetime free updates

Registered FL Studio users who purchase the download edition of the program receive lifetime free updates to the level of the program they buy (Express, Fruity, Producer or XXL edition). For example, all FL Studio 7 customers will be able to download FL Studio 9, 10 ... for free. Boxed edition users can purchase lifetime free updates for a nominal fee.


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