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[United Kaskus] ● Manchester United Season 2017/18 - We'll Never Die ●

[United Kaskus] ● Manchester United Season 2017/18 - We'll Never Die ●

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gw lebih sedih kalau juan mata yang out..
Whoaa akhirnyaa, harga murah pula
Semoga dybala nyusul dah...
is reds
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wawancara pertama alexis sanchez di MU TV

After putting pen to paper on his Manchester United contract, new no.7 Alexis Sanchez spoke exclusively to MUTV's Stewart Gardner about his "dream" transfer to Old Trafford...

Alexis, welcome! How does it feel to call yourself a Manchester United player?
Since I was a young lad I’ve always said that my dream was to play for Manchester United, and I’m not just saying that because I’m here now and today it’s come true. I always said as a kid that I’d like to play for United and I once spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson about it. We chatted for around 20 minutes. And I told him that my dream was to come here to Manchester United. It really is a massive club, very powerful, and so now, when I got the opportunity to come here, I looked at the badge and my hairs just stood up on end because it’s a powerful club and the biggest in England.

What do you think you can achieve at Old Trafford?
I believe that at this club it’s possible to achieve anything. The badge says it all, it’s a huge club on a worldwide scale, and I want to come here and win everything: the Premier League, the Champions League, and whatever comes the club’s way in the future.

You mentioned that you maybe had a chance to join the club when Sir Alex Ferguson was manager, so is it something that you’ve thought about since and have been determined to do?
Absolutely right! I’ve always been motivated by this club, by their red colours, which have always stood out for me and I’m genuinely saying this from the heart when I tell you that this is like a dream come true for me, playing for Manchester United. It makes me feel really happy and I’m so pleased to be here at the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ as everyone calls it!

How big a part of this is Jose Mourinho?
He indicated it is important for the club for me to be here. I also believe that the club itself cared about me joining, and I got the impression that they were keen for me to come here and wear the number seven shirt. I think that also gets through to the player. Players sometimes need to feel important and loved by the club. That was one of the things that attracted me to come here, along with the manager, who is a person who won everything in Italy, the same as he did in Spain, and he’s a manager who likes to win.

The no.7 shirt is an iconic and historic one at United, featuring a select group of legends. How important is that number to you, and how proud and important is it for you to be the next player to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Best, Cantona, Beckham and Ronaldo?
When they told me that Cristiano, Cantona, David Beckham had all worn it, just thinking about that number seven sets you off dreaming in your head with ideas about lifting the Champions League trophy and winning the Premier League title. So yes, I’m fulfilling a dream and I hope to give my very best and win many trophies at this club.

Jose has said the togetherness and bond among this United squad is among the best he’s ever managed. How much are you looking forward to joining this family of players?
Of course. I believe that having a family in the dressing room is very important when it comes to winning trophies. I played in Spain and we also had a very good dressing room and I won a lot of things. So I think that in my experience of being in dressing rooms, it’s so important to have a really good group. I also think that the club always needs to be strengthening and bringing players in, and in this instance that’s why I’m here, to work hard for the team, and to try and win everything with them.

Do you know any of your new team-mates well? Have any in particular stood out when you’ve played against them, maybe someone like David De Gea who really stood out when you came up against him recently?
I’ve not had the chance to get to know them personally or spend time with any of my team-mates up to now, but of course I know them from having played against them in the past. I believe that David De Gea is one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now. He’s a player who I’ve always found it hard to score past, and so for me he is right up there with the best keepers in the world.

How would you describe your strengths as a player?
I’m a player who likes to win everything. I’m very professional in everything I do. I live for football. I love football. It’s what I’m passionate about. I train hard every day and after a game I try to look at what went well and where I can improve. I really like to play down the left, through the middle… but to tell you the truth, as long as I’m playing football, I’ll fit in anywhere!

Of course, today must be a very exciting day for your family and friends – how much are looking forward to bringing them on this journey with you in Manchester, and of course your dogs Atom and Humber?
[Smiles] Atom and Humber are my mates, my kids, the ones who are with me every day and who I spend time with. They see me when I get home tired and feeling a bit low, and they can understand you and how you are every day. They are the ones who are there for you after a defeat or a win, and they are always waiting for you with the same expression on their faces. It’s worth a lot that they understand you and just want to make you happy.

What will be the reaction in Chile upon you becoming the first person to play first-team football for United? What’s your message to the fans in Chile?
I think that being the first Chilean to play for United’s first team is something that means a lot to me. Like I always say, playing for Manchester United is like a dream come true, but it’s not something that I can measure or evaluate. I still think I’m playing back home in the street in my town with my mates. That’s why I love the game, and mostly I don’t pay too much attention to social media or look at stuff that’s out there. I just try to be happy playing my football. That’s what my mum always says, ‘enjoy your football because that’s what you really like doing best.’

What sort of impression has this transfer made in Chile - has it caused a stir?
I think that people in Chile think a lot of me, they really do, and I’m really grateful to them for this affection that they have and I think it will be quite something to be the first Chilean to play for United’s first team. It certainly means a lot to me and I hope it makes a big impression back home.

What’s your message for the Manchester United fans around the world?
Alexis Sanchez is here! [Smiles] He’s hungry to win all the trophies, Premier League, Champions League… United fans, enjoy Alexis Sanchez, bye! [thumbs up]
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udah autobanned ya nih orangnya? emoticon-Big Grin
maap2 dlu, bukan mau cari rusuh or ngipas2in lagi, tapi gw yakin ni manusia pasti ngintip thread ini... emoticon-Leh Uga

nih gw kasih tau ya, pelajaran buat lo.. kalo mbacot itu gk usah berasa sok2an org yg tau masa depan.. cem mama loreng aja.. perkataan loe semuanya gk lebih dari asbun yg gk ada isinya.. emoticon-Tai:

akhirnya alexis dateng jg kemari, makan tuh bacot emoticon-Leh Uga

manusia2 kayak loe ini, paling ngepost lagi disini saat United draw/ kalah or saat alexis bikin kesalahan or maen jelek, udah kebaca emoticon-Leh Uga

maap puh bukan mau rusuh, gw gondok aja sama manusia macem ini.. emoticon-Big Grin

btw, mengucapkan selamat datang dlu ke Alexis Sanchez emoticon-Angkat Beer semoga cocok di United dan minimal awet lah 3-4 tahun di performa puncak.. dan buat Mou, semoga kedatangan alexis gk menghambat perkembangan martial dan rashford.. pinter2 atur taktik dan minutes played deh emoticon-Angkat Beer

farewell mkhitaryan, you'll be remembered.. jadi penasaran, andai si miki kaga nyungsep gini performa nya, kira2 ncez bakal dateng gk ya? emoticon-Bingung (S)
perbandingan transfer LVG ama MOYES

ternyata lebih busuk LVG yak.

2.di maria
4. schw
5. sch

si moyes meskipun medioker transfer dia ngga ada yang flop

3. anher

Mantep dah ada Sánchez, moga2 moncer emoticon-2 Jempol

btw doi ga cup-tied kan? Berarti boleh main di UCL? emoticon-Bingung (S)
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wenger recsel emoticon-Recommended Seller
semoga abang alexis bisa bawa efek positif ke tim emoticon-2 Jempol
Moga miki gak ketularan ngelawak di kst emoticon-Sorry
Diubah oleh ic7404

Alexis bisa maen di UCL gan.
Kalo menurut berita dari pandit.
begitu juga mikhi bisa maen di limajum, kalo feeling gw sih mikhi nanti dapet piala limajum lagi emoticon-Bola

Diubah oleh vackerzgodan

Pengen buru buru liat dia main, udah lama gak liat pemain yang Larinya kenceng dan BISA GOCEK. Wadaw

Itu yang bikin video clip alexis bagus bener dah, pengen gue save tapi gimana caranya ya ?

*OTW Beli Jersey Nameset Alexis*

Di Tampur
win win solution for both teams and players.
welcome alexis sanchez!
video announce nya gokil! merinding ane emoticon-Shakehand2
Gak nyangka sampe main piano lagu kebesaran GGMU!
Thanks wenger, recommended seller!

NEXT ada bocoran siapa lagi yang masuk?

Kalau city udah gak terkejar, bisa kali trophy champions dibungkus...


Main di United saja belum .. udah ada yang mengklaim Sanchez bukan pembelian bagus..
btar ditanya ukurannya apa malah bingung sendiri ujung ujungnya ngajakin ribut..


Kalau ngetroll pake logika dikit ngapa...???
Liat IG nya lingard kocak lah wkwkwk
[United Kaskus] ● Manchester United Season 2017/18 - We'll Never Die ●[/spoiler]
Kmrn pas sundal vs MU sanchez pernah naik tensi wktu duel ma herrera, sampe bilang ke ander “who are you”
Emg si ander mah pemain perusak ritme musuh, style provokatif bikin musuh maunya ngelanggarin dia wkwkw
Welcome AS7
Mudah2 Lukaku makin moncer bisa dpt supply lebih dr tmn2 nya

Sepemikiran gan kita. Setuju mata harus ada di spot line up. Build up play mata sama pogba itu hidup banget. Kalo di bilang mata ini underrated. Waktu mikhi mau kesini dia di bilang upgrade mata. Tapi akhirnya malah mata yang tetep di sini dan mikhi yang out.

Gua juga mau ngomongin soal perisic.
Gua mau bilang beruntung sih kita kemarin ga dapet perisic. Mungkin kalo perisic dapet summer kemarin sanchez ga akan ke sini. Dan martial ga akan top perform kayak sekarang. Dan at least sanchez pasti ke citod which is itu bahaya banget kalo sampe sanchez beneran ke citod.

Swap mikhi >< sanchez menurut gua
60 buat mu 40 buat arsenal.

Kita untung tapi ga untung banyak. Karna mikhi bisa aja nyetel sama skema wereng. Apalagi kalo auba jadi ke arsenal. Mikhi ini sebenernya pemain bagus, cuma butuh backup line tengah yang kuat dan belum bisa tune in dengan gaya mou. Harapannya supaya dia bisa lebih baik bersama club rival. Dan makin cemerlang karirnya di epl

Good luck for mikhi
Welcome to OT#alexis7
Welcome Alexis🎉
Semoga betah dan jadi legenda juga bantu United kembali meraih Premier League🙏
😢😢😢😢 selamet babay mas miki, mudah-mudahan Aubameong jadi dateng deh pengen liat duet maut mereka, bisa ga berbicara banyak di EPL

Welcome to the club Alexis7 😎😎😎
Mudah-mudahan bisa jadi tutor buat trio cilik gimana caranya ngegoreng yang baik dan benar

Welcome sanche7...
Semoga bisa ngeluarin magic no 7 lagi..
Annyway penghuni sini lebih baik2 ya drpd mabes sebelah.. disini rata2 pd doain yg terbaik utk miki.. disebelah malah doain sanchez flop.. wkwkwkw
Memang beda kelas
itu yg ngerusuh cuekin aja
main di mabes banci mahodrid bango sendal celeng juga tuh emoticon-Big Grin

yg bikin merinding tetep anthem GGMU nya euy
niat banget managemen untuk announce new magic 7 alexis

mau tau alasan kenapa alexis nyebut ini?
Alexis Sanchez: ”I remember today, a conversation I had with Henry, a historic Arsenal player, who changed club for the same reason and today is my turn."
ne kenapa nches nyebut nama henry bukan rvp

[United Kaskus] ● Manchester United Season 2017/18 - We'll Never Die ●

nambahin dikit ya
Spoiler for dari IG mikhi:

Spoiler for ucapan untuk mikhi dari pemain mu :

ada quote dikit dari saf meskipun jadul
"We have looked at Sanchez and he has impressed us. He has had very good games and is an interesting project.”

- Sir Alex Ferguson in 2010
Diubah oleh kairisya
Selamat datang buat sanchez n good luck buat micky

Semoga sanchez cocok mainnya di mu dan bisa juara bersama mu.....GGMU

Welcome Sanche7...

2 jawaban interview itu sudah menunjukkan bagaimana dia nantinya di lapangan...
Can't wait to see him playing...
Dulu berharap dia masuk MU selepas Udinese tapi baru kejadian sekarang
Gpp karena dia sudah sekolah dulu di Barca dan Arse
Sekarang makin matang...

Awalnya dulu hype banget waktu mendarat dari Dortmund.
Tapi begitu partai pertama lawan Siti dan dia sampai kepleset beberapa kali dalam game tersebut, ya wes lah memang kayaknya mental dia gak cukup strong untuk handle ekspektasi klub maupun fans...
Semoga dia akan bagus di klub baru yang memang gak pernah ambisius... emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Big Grin
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