Prediksi Formasi Pembalap F1 Thn 2017

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Prediksi Formasi Pembalap F1 Thn 2017
Quote:Predicting the 2017 F1 driver lineups – sort of

June 13, 2016

Prediksi Formasi Pembalap F1 Thn 2017
some people are expecting a good old-fashioned game of musical chairs in Formula One this coming offseason.

It could be a busy silly season in Formula One, but probably not this silly
Changes are inevitable in the world of Formula One, and 2017 promises to be no different.
The technical changes are ever-changing, but recently the same cannot be said for driver lineups. Last year, Kimi Raikkonen was rumored to depart from Ferrari and start what would be a chain reaction in F1’s version of musical chairs.
But it never happened.
However, it’s a new season and although the Finn is performing well, it looks as though he once again could be the first domino to fall – or at least change teams -- entering 2017.
It’s no secret that Ferrari was looking at Max Verstappen to replace the 36-year-old Raikkonen, but a promotion to Red Bull Racing prior to Spanish Grand Prix, which he went on to win, has put a halt on that plan.
Is it realistic that the 36-year-old could be back with Ferrari next year? Absolutely, but this is the version in which we look at the F1 world being turned upside down (we’ll save the realistic lineup for later).
From dream lineups, to ones that will bring out the best in rivalries and inject emotion back into the sport, these are the ideal lineups that would shake-up F1 moving forward.

Here’s one man’s version of how Formula One could – or should – look in 2017. Just don’t hold us to it.


Alfonso Celis Jr. – The current development driver for Force India, Celis gets the nod after standout Friday FP1 practice sessions and begins as Mexico deepens its pipeline of F1 talent. Force India boss Vijay Mallya takes a page out of Mercedes’ book by negotiating a deal to put Celis in a race seat, preparing him for a future with the Silverstone-based squad.

Jordan King – Manor promotes its test driver up to the main roster as it goes with an all-rookie lineup once again for 2017. Currently with Racing Engineering in GP2, King showed tremendous growth from year one to year two – enough to bring funding and warrant a promotion.


Daniil Kvyat – Like the ex-girlfriend you drop when you finally find ‘The One’, Red Bull decide to release Kvyat entirely. Sauber gets a much needed upgrade financially and in the cockpit with the Russian. The humbling experience for Kvayt may be just what needs to happen for top teams to look his way once again for future opportunities. Still young at 22-years-old, there is still a lot of room for Kvyat to grow and become a force to be reckoned with in Formula One.

Felipe Nasr – Sauber brings back Nar for a third consecutive campaign, cementing its belief in the Brazilian as the driver they can build their team around. The unique pairing of Nasr and Kvyat gives Sauber one of the more formidable lineups since the team had Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica back in 2009.


Kevin Magnussen – The Dane returns to Renault as the team aims to improve on its 2016 effort, barely beating out Sauber and Manor in the Constructors’ standings. Magnussen’s return helps build stability to not only his career, but also to a Renault team in dire need of it. Perhaps the building blocks are in the works similar to how Force India and Nico Hulkenberg have fared together.

Esteban Ocon – In 2015, Ocon dazzled with 14 podiums in 18 starts in GP3. The bridge between that and F1 was a reserve role with the team, complimented with FP1 sessions and a season in DTM. The young Frenchman has a lot of eyes on him so Renault decides to react quickly and put him alongside Magnussen.


Romain Grosjean – Despite a lot of speculation that the Frenchman was linked to Ferrari, Grosjean remains with the Haas F1 Team. At 30-years-old, it is all but certain that Grosjean will never get the nod to join a top level team and instead will look to establish Haas on a more premier level its second season.

Alexander Rossi – Many believed the team should have signed him all along instead of Esteban Gutierrez, but Rossi used his time wisely as a reserve driver for Manor and competing in the Verizon IndyCar Series for Andretti Autoport, winning the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. Rossi gets a chance to pilot a Ferrari-powered car with an American team as he attempts to become the first American to score points in F1 in over two decades.


Stoffel Vandoorne – This move is guaranteed to happen. Vandoorne scored a point in his lone F1 start, replacing an injured Fernando Alonso at Bahrain. Many believe the Belgian is on par talent-wise with another former McLaren driver, Lewis Hamilton. So, call it radical or realistic, but expect this move to happen either way.

Valtteri Bottas – McLaren boss Eric Boullier is very familiar with Finns, and with Bottas on the market was keen to snatch up an F1 veteran to pair with his highly touted rookie. The opportunity for Bottas to join a top team came and went when he failed to out-match former teammate Felipe Massa in 2016, leaving Williams no choice but to not re-sign him. This could be a blessing in disguise for Bottas. With all of the technical changes hitting F1 in 2017, the Finn may be on a team that marches to the top similar to how Mercedes when the engine package changed a few seasons ago.

Toro Rosso

Carlos Sainz Jr. – Understanding that if Red Bull Racing loses either Max Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo, Sainz elects to return to the Franz Tost-led squad for a third consecutive campaign. The Spaniard has helped grow Toro Rosso over the last couple of seasons and will look to do so again with what is believed to be one of the better chassis on the grid.

Pierre Gasly – Another product of the Red Bull Junior Team, Gasly replaces the aforementioned Kvyat for 2017. The Frenchman has showed incredible pace and poise as Red Bull continues to be the foundation for rising talent. Gasly is a step up from Kvyat, especially when it comes to maturity.

Force India

Sergio Perez – The young Mexican electrified with a standout performance at Monaco, but even in a contract year it wasn’t enough to attract top teams, leaving him to re-sign with Force India. Mallya has built one of the better mid-tier teams in F1, but one has to wonder if it has become a place where it slows the progress of a driver’s career.

Pascal Wehrlein – The progression continues to the Wehrlein, moving from Manor to Force India. The move becomes all the more possible when Nico Hulkenberg feels that the possibilities of winning in F1 are slim with Force India and decides to move to the Porsche program in FIA WEC. For Wehrlein, the German gets an opportunity at a contending team while on his path to become the eventual second driver at Mercedes.


Felipe Massa – After outpacing former teammate Bottas, Massa gets the nod to come back to Williams for another season, further delaying any ideas of retirement. The technical changes also make it easier for the team, as it will lean on experience to progress the development of their 2017 car.

Jenson Button – Back to where it all began for Button. The savvy veteran returns to Williams to bookend a storied career in a competitive car. The team grabs another experienced driver as it aims to for the maximum on development, teaming the Brit with Massa and giving them one of the better lineups on the grid.

Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo – Rumors swirl about a possible move to Mercedes or Ferrari, but the Aussie decides to stay loyal and remains with Red Bull.

Max Verstappen – The modern day ‘Flying Dutchman’ prepares to enjoy a full season with a top squad and first real chance to compete for the F1 championship. Verstappen rivals Ricciardo as both try to claim the No. 1 role within Red Bull, leaving Christian Horner with flashbacks of classic battles between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel.


Sebastian Vettel – The four-time F1 champion embarks on his third season with Ferrari, hoping to give the Italian manufacturer its first championship in a decade. There was no question as to Vettel’s loyalty of leaving Ferrari, but the German needs them to be fast out of the gate if it hopes to compete with Mercedes and the Red Bull’s rising talent, Max Verstappen.

Nico Rosberg – After contract negotiations fell through at Mercedes, Rosberg is forced to look elsewhere and finds a home at Ferrari. Although the Italian manufacturer was originally against an all-German lineup, it couldn’t resist signing its rival’s former driver. The signing of Rosberg means Ferrari gets an extremely quick team player, whose sole focus is on becoming Mercedes’ biggest nightmare.


Lewis Hamilton – The Brit and Mercedes continue their marriage with greater championship aspirations entering 2017. However, a familiar foe takes Rosberg’s place as Mercedes attempt to matchup with the talented lineups of Ferrari and Red Bull.

Fernando Alonso – Tired of waiting on McLaren to give the Spaniard a championship contending car, Alonso demands a release, signing with Mercedes and preparing for one last push at the F1 title. With 2017 being pivotal year for Alonso in deciding his F1 future, he gets another chance to give Hamilton headaches reminiscent of 2007 at McLaren. The signing of Alonso puts arguably Formula One’s six strongest drivers on the three best teams, making it an all-out dogfight for the 2017 F1 crown.

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2016 Formula One Standings

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Prediksi Formasi Pembalap F1 Thn 2017
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Quote:Original Posted By antidistribusi3



pay driver itu wajar untuk para pembalap F1

Tapi skill Rio payah jadi ngabisisn duid aja jadi pembalap F1...
sesama team nya sendiri aja... selalu dibelakang Pascal
karir nya uda abis...

koq gak ada nama kak lio? emoticon-Sorry
Kayaknya Rio bakal memperkuat Lion Racing Team. Tim baru ganemoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink emoticon-Wink
smoga kasus rio jadi pelajaran bagi pemerintah.
didiklah masyarakat dgn benar, apa itu olahraga profesional dan amatir.
bukan pembodohan seperti sekarang ini, mengatasnamakan dan memanfaatkan nasionalisme dan baru pertama kali hanya utk memuluskan ego pribadi.
kok rio ga ada?
katanya mau sampe 2018
mantap pascal ke force india emoticon-Matabelo
kak lioh gimana nih ? emoticon-Peluk
Kak lio pujaan atiku mane.. emoticon-Mad
Quote:Original Posted By Ronaldbasten

pay driver itu wajar untuk para pembalap F1

Tapi skill Rio payah jadi ngabisisn duid aja jadi pembalap F1...
sesama team nya sendiri aja... selalu dibelakang Pascal
karir nya uda abis...

selain skill, yg dikritik publik cara rio mencari dana ratusan miliar itu.
menggunakan pengaruh pemerintah utk membujuk rakyat dan bumn supaya nyumbang.

lucu ajah nyari dana pake donasi sms dan sumbangan ke rekening.
Kalo diliat-liat banyak juga pembalap baru yg berbakat

tinggal liat aja aksinya nanti
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rio musim depan di ferarri sama vettel pasti ini berita yang buat hater pasti hoax masa rio gak ada emoticon-Big Grin
Quote:Original Posted By isengajah02

selain skill, yg dikritik publik cara rio mencari dana ratusan miliar itu.
menggunakan pengaruh pemerintah utk membujuk rakyat dan bumn supaya nyumbang.

lucu ajah nyari dana pake donasi sms dan sumbangan ke rekening.

kalo saya si ngga terlalu masalah dengan cara dapet duid,skill nya itu yg masalah ...ini sama pascal aja kg pernah menang di race..fubar
Quote:Original Posted By Ronaldbasten

kalo saya si ngga terlalu masalah dengan cara dapet duid,skill nya itu yg masalah ...ini sama pascal aja kg pernah menang di race..fubar

skill sudah gak terbantahkan, skill nya sangat rendah dan hanya bermodalkan pengalaman di GP2, msh blum saatnya utk balap F1.

klo menurut ane, karna skill gak ada, udah lama di GP2, pengen naik kelas ke F1 tp gak ada konstruktor dan sponsor yg melirik,
makanya rio ambil kesempatan main di F1 melalui konstruktor kelas bawah yg kursinya ada kosong dgn jalan sbg paydriver...
liciknya berhasil merayu menpora yg doyan pencitraan dan pikiran dangkal utk membujuk cariin dana.
cuman dgn cara mendekati pemerintah satu satunya jalan mencari dana.

normalnya seorang rookie gak langsung potong kompas jadi driver F1, biasanya jd test driver, reverse driver atau ikut akademi nya konstruktor kelas atas. supaya adaptasi dan skillnya terasah..

itu yg ane liat ke rio, langsung terjun ke F1 tanpa basic skill penyesuain sbg driver F1,
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kak Lio nan agung junjungan kita semua kok ga adaaa.. emoticon-Mewek
Kak Lio The Slowpoke Rodrigues
Prediksi Formasi Pembalap F1 Thn 2017