Tinggal tidur aja Gan... Bitcoin masuk ke Wallet kita dan ada laporan harian

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Tinggal tidur aja Gan... Bitcoin masuk ke Wallet dan ada laporan harian via email
Sangat simple tidak usah Klik...daftar dan bitcoin...masuk ke wallet setiap hari
17-07-2014 01:43
Daftar tinggal tunggu bitcoin akan mengalir dan akan dikirimi
email pendapatan kita setiap hari

Contoh laporan email setiap hari :

Dear dotnet37,

Good day, you are receiving this e-mail because you are a member of

We have added the following daily coins to your balances:

Litecoin: 0.00000035197 LTC
Bitcoin: 0.00000001240 BTC
FeatherCoin: 0.00002617717 FTC
FedoraCoin: 0.42757479861 TIPS

During the beta stage we will increase the daily amounts of each coin gradually and frequently.

For your reference, your referral link is:

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"Profile" - "Notification settings". From there you can choose which types of
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The QoinPro Team

Bagi yang baru Daftar dulu Wallet Bitcoin

modalnya sabar Gan ... sambil nunggu cari referal kayak ane emoticon-Ngakak

dapatnya banyak gag gan??
gan ane dah daftar pake referal username ente, trus gimana lagi gan?

Thanx ye gan