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Experimental Pill

Experimental Pill
" Doc, you've gotta help me ! My wife just isn't interested
in sex anymore. Haven't you got a pill or something I can
give her ? "

" Look, I can't prescribe . . . "

" Doc, we've been friends for years. Have you ever seen
me this upset ? I am desperate ! I can't think; I can't
concentrate; my life is going utterly to hell ! You've got to
help me. "

The doctor opens his desk drawer and removes a small
bottle of pills. " Ordinarily, I wouldn't do this. These are
experimental; the tests so far indicate that they're VERY
powerful. Don't give her more than ONE, understand ?
Just ONE. "

" I don't know, doc, she's awfully cold . . . "

" One. No more. In her coffee. Okay ? "

" Um . . . okay. "

The guy expresses gratitude and leaves for home, where
his wife has dinner waiting. When dinner is finished, she
goes to the kitchen to bring dessert. The man hastily pulls
the pills from his pocket and drops one into his wife's
coffee. He reflects for a moment,hesitates, then drops in a
second pill.

And then he begins to worry. The doctor did say they were

Then inspiration strikes -- he drops one pill into his own

His wife returns with the shortcake and they enjoy their
dessert and coffee. Sure enough, a few minutes after they
finish, his wife shudders a little, sighs deeply and heavily,
and a strange look comes over her.

In a near-whisper and a tone of voice he has never heard
her use before, she says : " I . . . need . . . a man . . . "

His eyes glitter and his hands tremble as he replies : " Me .
. . too . . . "
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Experimental Pill
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