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[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub
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[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub

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Hi guys, it's been a while since the last time we met up at dcube

Just like usual, this forum is quite dead but I believe the LINE group is quite busy.
If I am back to Indonesia, I am going to see meet you up again emoticon-Big Grin
Hello everyone..just found this thread now.
My name is Grace and would like to join this group
I'm from medan but staying in bandung, parongpong exactly for study
Hope you guys let me know to start here..
Good Evening. Can I join this club?
Let me introduce my self
My name is Eliyanto and use to calling Ell. I'm from West Borneo but Live on Bandung at least 3,5 years. The daily activities is tries to finish my paper emoticon-Frown

Oke I hope we can learn together and improve ours english.
I will waiting for new gathering yeaah emoticon-Big Grin
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hi emoticon-Smilie
is this group still active?
i'd like to join the club..
my name is aldilla, my line id is aldillasalam
Hey guys. Mind if i'm joining in? I'm noel. Currently staying in tamansari. Any information abt the next gath ? Hit me on Line, id : imanuel_galla emoticon-Angkat Beer
Finally I found this! can I join u guys? I wanna improve my english skills emoticon-Malu (S)
my name is DhodoAgger, i would like to join this club (if still active).
i live in from Bandung of course (Buah Batu)
so, how do i start? emoticon-Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
my line ID is "dhd.ggr" invite me.. ASAP

sorry for my poor english.. emoticon-Malu (S)
Diubah oleh dhdggr
hi everybody
i'm dewa, iam just a normal person that lost in bandung emoticon-Ngakak (S)
as a colleger i wanna improve my skill, so can i join in here?
btw this my line id account : dewa_depat
Hello, Everyone in Bandung ^w^. Greetings from Yogyakarta.
It's been like forever since I drop by this thread. I even not sure if the last English thread from Bandung I posted was still this thread.
Anyway, I decided to once again wandering through all English thread in Regional Indonesia.
I hope you have a nice day. It's raining now in Yogyakarta.




hi guyss... don't worry, we can improve our english skill by doing chit chat here. let's make a lot of progress. i'm rifa from jakarta. i love learning n speaking english.
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[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub
Wujudkan Bandung Bersih Dari Prostitusi Online

[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub

I from bandung.
My english is so bad. I wanna join in this group. for improve my english.
So, can i join in this group ?

Please add my id line : rahman_aziz

[OFFICIAL THREAD] Bandung English Club // Follow @BDGEnglishClub


Excuse me agan and aganwati. It's my first time at this bandung english club on kaskus. Pleased to meet you guys, greetings from newbie.
Hello everybody....

i'd like join this club, is this club still active??
i wanna improve my english, conversation especially emoticon-Smilie
i am currently study at politechnic in bandung

please give me further info about next gath, here my line id : setiawanbaba

thank you in advance for all, sorry for my bad english -_-
Hey guys....
First comment at this thread... I see a lot of people want to joint here.. Let me see the future this thread... I want to joint too.. I have something to discuss with all of you
Salam cendol from me emoticon-Cendol (S)
sup guys how do i join this group?
hello, long time no speak english feels like awkward to me now. so here i am, staying in cimahi, if anyone needs friend to do a conversations, please kindly contact me. cmiiw emoticon-Toast
Anyone has joined the Gathering Akbar Kaskus Reg Bandung yesterday?
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