need friend for conversation in english use Yahoo Messenger

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I reckon there IS (or was?) a thread for sharing our Yahoo Messenger (YM) ID and chatting through it.
I wonder if it's now become zombie thread in Old Kakus and didn't migrate into the New Kakus.
I think the TS of the YM thread is Sis Lotusloops.

edit: HA! As I thought! This is the thread I'm talking about:
Let's chit-chat in a Fun Way (English YM Club)
Please make sure you stated that you're from English Forum ^w^.

Also, you might want to read about another EFor social media forum in here: English Forum Social Media Center (BBM Group, FB Group, Google+, and others)
hallo... could i join in this conversation ? <-- my YM

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coba main ke sini deh gan

CasCisCus ngomong Inggris
Can I join on this thread..? I want to learn more bout english here.. So this is my YM :

Thanks in advance.. emoticon-Big Grin
you can try
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Hello, Buddy

You Can Add My YM At ""

And I''m Ready To Teach Anything About English Such As Grammar, Vocab, Speaking, etc


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could i join in this conversation ?
add me ya!, skype: imam.tea, n WA 0877888027047
see u soon..
hello, there.
let's improve our english together.
how if we use whatsapp?

pm me for number if you dont mind emoticon-Smilie
hello everyone , does the offer still working ?

it's mine, .. of course i'm also still learning english emoticon-Malu (S)
Quote:Original Posted By djaycenter

i want to improve my english vocabulary and skill conversation, if anybody in this forum same like me, you can add my YM : vijay_kay2003 and we can chat in english and learn for new word in english, becouse i dont have pathner to speak each other and with this forum i hope a friend to talk with me
i m very welcome to study in english.. emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S) emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)

Hi vijay ... I will add you
Let's we learn speak english together ,I hope can speak english good
Quote:Original Posted By Khai0585
hello everyone , does the offer still working ?

it's mine, .. of course i'm also still learning english emoticon-Malu (S)

Added you.
Quote:Original Posted By malteses

Added you.

Thank you so much.. emoticon-Ngakak

Quote:Original Posted By meckyanyau
i'm very interesting with you're offer bro
because i felt same as with you
my english gramatical is very-very suck
let me join with you're helping
add me please

I've added you sir/madam.. emoticon-Malu (S)

Please add me

I want to learn english too, please add me.
Hi everyone, if you are interested in learning English language or maybe have some questions regarding English language, you can always reach me at my YM too.

Oh, and don't forget to tell me that you know my YM from Kaskus.

YM :

Thank you. emoticon-Smilie