Why do The Moon and the Sun never Appear Together

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do you created this story alone? these sounds like i heard in x-men: origin wolverine. Btw, probably the sounds spoke like this: 'Why the moon is so lonely?'

and the following are extracts like this:

"Hey, Logan," I started as we continued to watch the moon.
"Have you ever wondered why the moon was so lonely?"
"No. I already know why."
"Really?" I asked, half-asleep against his shoulder.
"Could you tell me?"
"Sure." He shrugged slightly and pulled me closer as a light breeze passed over us. "Many years ago, the moon had a lover." Ooh, a real story, interesting! "His name was Coacuatchoo. But there was a third spirit that longed for the moon, he was a trickster. So, one day the trickster tells Coacuatchoo that the Moon asked for flowers from our world and to go and pick some red roses, so he did." I started smiling at this; it's such a sweet gesture, right?? "But, what Coacuatchoo didn't know, is that once you leave the spirit realm, you can never go back. So he forever roams the land, howling to his lost love night after night."
I blinked a few times. "Wow. The trickster's an asshole."
Logan chuckled slightly and started messing with my hair.
"Hey, who told you that story?" I asked, curiously.
"An old friend."
"Did she tell you what Kiwiamatchoo meant?"
He laughed. "It's 'Cuacoatchoo.'"
"Right, right, did she tell you what Cuacoatchoo meant?"
"She said it meant Wolverine."
I paused a moment and leaned further into him, smiling.
"You aren't gullible, ya know."
"If you knew what Cuacoatchoo meant, then you chose it for your nickname for a reason. The only one I can think of is if you lost your loved one, you think you're gullible or both."
He gave me a light squeeze. "It's a long story."
"Ok, I won't ask."
"I won't ask about it. If you wanted me to know, you would've already told me about it, anyway, right?" Logan smiled warmly down at me.
"Come on, it's getting late. Let's go inside." He said after standing up. I nodded and took his hand before walking with him downstairs.

I'm the WOLVERINE emoticon-Malu (S)
the moon is so tiny, so the sun cant *IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN* the moon, and mad eachother forever after
the moon love to walk in darkness..
and the sun love to walk in lightness..

But i love to walk in darkness to find the light emoticon-Traveller
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cuz the moon's a whore and the sun just couldn't take it anymore...

that's a better ending my friend

Haha, this comment of yours is so damn hilarious. Well, if the moon is a whore then the sun is just a meanie dude who can't forgive the moon, eh?

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if the sun and the moon being together, surely i'm afraid. the doomsday nearly comes emoticon-Sorry

It's not nearly. If they appear together then that means "DOOMSDAY"

or maybe Sun and Moon has broken law..
it makes they never together anymore emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Sorry for my English..
just learn emoticon-Peace
Which world do you live, dude..?

I never heard the stories like that before..
The sun and the moon once lived side by side
a unique aurora shining it's surroundings
emiting light characteristics like blight
a harmony of light and darkness same time depressing

Though harmony is sweet
and their unity isn't weak
they're just too different
unable to resent

Sometimes they clash and try to share
the feelings that they have and couldn't bear
but it never was their way to be
they felt the same and it was clear

Their love was seperated and they came apart
sometimes reunited with the change of their heart

Once in a while they share their moments
again emiting that light that awes our eyes
sharing their unified light without resentment
then seperating slowly as time flies

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Which world do you live, dude..?

I never heard the stories like that before..

hahaha, you did a joke here... i laughed emoticon-Ngakak
the TS just had a fantasy so we're just going to help him to create another great story about that topic more... i thought emoticon-Peace
interesting story emoticon-thumbsup
that's not make sense bro wkwkwkwwkwk emoticon-Ngakak


because the sun will beat and burn the moon if they meet.
it's make sense, but for me its more like the rotation, i mean the solar eclipse can happened if the sun and moon position are being in 1 straight line, when its happen, i think its "technically" together on this story
seem to be i've heard another tale of this, but the reason why the moon and the sun never appear together was probably because when one of them tried to move and meet, the other got pushed further, so they would never find a way to see each other... emoticon-Sorry but they had also an opportunity to be closer, when the event of eclipse..emoticon-Matabelo

what a lovely story for a long direction relation

btw sorry for the words i used, i have no idea what would i do to explain emoticon-Hammer2
because they're never meant to be together emoticon-Ngakak
Old Story, emoticon-Smilie
and ah...

I wanna Sleep. emoticon-Hammer
They appear together just only in eclipse events