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[MANCING MANIA] Negara eks sekutu USSR latihan Militer bareng NATO di Baltik
Baltic States Prepare for International Saber Strike Exercise

TALLINN, May 27 (RIA Novosti) - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are preparing to take part in a large-scale international exercise, Saber Strike, to take place in early June, the Estonian TV reported on Sunday.

Saber Strike is a USAREUR-led theater security cooperation exercise to be conducted in the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on June 3-14. It will involve approximately 2000 personnel from the three Baltic States, the United States, Finland, Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom, as well as forces from the Polish headquarters of NATO’s Multinational Corps Northeast.

“The main headquarters will be located in Lithuania. Air forces and the Corps Northeast will be deployed in Estonia. Latvia will host the practical part of the exercises,” said an Estonian official charged with planning the exercise, Lt. Col. Tiit Paljak.

On Friday Polish Navy landing ships Lublin and Poznan brought 100 metric tons of military equipment to the Estonian city of Paldiski. The two vessels brought 17 vehicles and 50 members of Polish and German defense forces.
On the same day, a nine-car train arrived in Pabrade railway station in Lithuania, bringing US military equipment from Germany, including vehicles and trucks and a medical support unit.

Estonia Completes Military Drills with NATO Allies

TALLINN, May 26 (RIA Novosti) - Estonia completed on Saturday large-scale military drills, which began on May 9 and involved some 5,000 military personnel, including from NATO allies, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces said.

The Spring Storm (Kevadtorm) drills have been held annually in different parts of Estonia since 2003. This year they were held in northern and central Estonia and involved for the first time units from the UK, Belgium and Poland as well as the Estonian navy.

“Our military servicemen gained experience of cooperation with pilots from Poland, air defense experts from Belgium, infantrymen from Britain, Latvia and Lithuania by participating in joint drills,” Estonian Commander in Chief Gen.-Maj. Riho Terras said at a line-up in the village of Kuusalu.

NATO allies were represented by an infantry company from the UK and Latvia each, a reconnaissance platoon from Lithuania and an anti-aircraft missile platoon from Belgium.

The exercise also involved Polish attack aircraft SU-22, Estonia's training jets L-39, light helicopters R-44, light transport planes An-2 and French Mirage F-1 aircraft, according to Estonian newspaper Postimees.

President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves attended the large-scale military exercise on May 17. Estonia, as well as two other ex-Soviet republics in the Baltics - Latvia and Lithuania, joined NATO in March 2004.


NATO mulai mancing-mancing beruang tidur...


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amankan barbuk...
ga perlu dipancing, sejak Polandia dibiarkan Russia pindah haluan hampir semua eks Warsaw Pact daerah situ pengen gabung NATO
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Sebentar lagi itu ijo akan berubah jd merah, Nyet! Itu msh mending, drpd ente nanti jd anak band...
ah negeri indah gua 2 tahun di talin estonia,,,gan negeri itu indah kaya bali persis
beruangnya bangun apa tetep tidur ya??
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ga perlu dipancing, sejak Polandia dibiarkan Russia pindah haluan hampir semua eks Warsaw Pact daerah situ pengen gabung NATO

Jangan2 menjual rahasia senjata NATO ke Rus lo
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minta bata ya bangkitin thread zombie..
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minta bata ya bangkitin thread zombie..

langsung di didik aja jd anak band aja kali om
baguslah, makin dipijak, makin garang tuh beruang

Yup, negeri yg indah, udara yg bersih, cewek cewek yg cakep dan tempat yg startegis, tepat di pintu masuk st. Petersburk yg megah
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gpp ente pernah bernasib sama kayak ane jadi target salvo bata