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PT Jimac Perkasa memperkenalkan sejumlah produk alat berat terbaru buatan Sany Heavy Industries Co (China) yang sebagian besar menyasar pasar jasa konstruksi.



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Telp : (+6221) 6407311
HP : 0811 969987
Language : Indonesia
E-mail : antony@jimac-co.com


THE JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL MACHINE CENTER, HERE IN AFTER JIMAC, is one of the leading global player in the heavy equipment and machinery trading, rental and recondition business in Indonesia.

Currently JIMAC provides a complete range of various types of heavy equipments and machineries, and JIMAC is committed to assure its quality services delivery to its customers. Constant improvement in its modern management system and the development of its highly-skilled human resources will maintain the group as one of the respectable player not only in Indonesia but also in the region.

Our Vision:

Becoming a respectable global player in heavy equipment and machinery industry

Our Mission:

Investing in quality heavy equipments and machinery –
Investing in quality human resources
Investing in reliable global networks and mutual partnerships
Investing in research for new markets and opportunities
Our Philosophy:

Quality Services for the Benefit of Customers

Executive Message

We are truly delighted to express our joy that in its 5th anniversary, JIMAC has achieved so much. This young company has grown so fast both nationally and regionally that the attribute of ‘global player’ is no longer a day-dream, but rather, a significant landmark of success that the management and staffs, certainly with the help of our value customers have achieved.

By having managed the wide range of multi-service with multi-brand heavy equipment and machinery, JIMAS believes that that the company will enjoy its significant role in the global heavy equipment and machinery industry.

JIMAC also believes that well trained human resources and combined with good and proper working system and environment will assure that our vision and mission will be realized for the benefit of all JIMAC’s stakeholders.

We would like to thanks our management and staffs, but certainly to our dear customers and business partners for they have also helped JIMAC to grow in what it is today, a respectable company in the region.

Benny Kurniajaya

Company Details

Name of Company\t:\t PT. JIMAC
Established by\t:\t May 2005
Company Qualification\t:\t Heavy Equipments & Machinery Trading, Rental, Export-Import, Recondition
Address of Company\t:\t Jl. Benyamin Sueb, Blok C-2,
New City Kemayoran,
Jakarta Utara 14410
Telephone\t:\t +62 21 6407311
Facsimile\t:\t +62 21 6415056/65
Website\t:\t [url]www.jimac-co.com[/url]
Email Contact\t:\t info@jimac-co.com
Association Membership\t:\t APARATI, etc.
Product and Services

JIMAC’s products and services cover various lines of business such as Heavy Equipments and Machinery Trading (brand new, used and unused equipments & machinery), Rental (all types and models), Repair and Reconditioning (with modern workshop and skilled technicians & mechanics), and Export-Import.

In the past few years, JIMAC has also been involved in the Project Contracting which has seen in the not so distant future, this will develop into more mature and stable subsidiary.