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- That awkward moment, when someone asks you "what's wrong?", when they're the problem.

- In a party a handsome guy asked a girl "are you going to dance?" She felt so happy & said-"yes" & the guy said-"that's good, so can i have your chair?:-D

- I renamed all my files "the world," so everyday when I "save" the world.

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pertamax kah??
ga ngerti bahasa inggris gan...
maksudnya "pertamax" ?
ane bingung...
ngga ngerti
artinya apa yah gan...??
nice share :
misi gan, kalo diterjemahin dulu keren tuh gan
Sedikit garing gan...
Nais Share
sayang ane g ngerti
bingung gan,...
whwhwh dikit2 ngerti lah..
canggih juga ente bikin joke
ane kgk ngerti gan

mesti si alay yg datang mengomentari ini..
Quote:Original Posted By tjahpati
canggih juga ente bikin joke

Thank you