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Ngakak Star ocean series fans thread :)
berhubung blom ada tritnya buat fans STAR OCEAN series , gw yg nubie coba bikin
silahkan mau bahas everything about STAR OCEAN here

Timeline of the Star Ocean series

The games begin as early as Space Date 10 (The Last Hope) and have extended to as far as Space Date 772 (Till the End of Time). Check below for a summary of the time line for all of the Star Ocean titles released to date, in Space Date order, not game release order.

# Star Ocean: The Last Hope: 0010 SD
# Star Ocean: First Departure (past events): 0046 SD
# Star Ocean: First Departure: 0346 SD
# Star Ocean: Second Evolution: 0366 SD
# Star Ocean: Blue Sphere: 0368 SD
# Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: 0772 SD

As a general rule (Till the End of Time aside) the time line of each title has allowed them to intertwine with each other somewhat, where characters or relatives to the characters of the games has made appearances throughout. With the exception of a few characters, such as the Welch who somehow has managed to appear in every major Star Ocean title

Background Information

While the games take place in a futuristic environment it's not limited to out of this world, fancy technology. Only Earth and some other planets have such advanced technology, while other worlds, such as Elicoor II from Till the End of Time is still developed as much as Earth in the 17th century. Thankfully however many of the Federation nations (a bunch of nations that adhere to a number of space rulings), including Earth has an all important ruling known as the "Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact", otherwise abbreviated as the UP3. This very ruling prohibits those from more advanced worlds from engaging with lessor developed worlds to allow them to thrive under their own ways without outside interference. Sadly though not all nations are part of the Federation, much less agree with the ruling and at times this will be one of the many issues you face throughout your games, particularly considering under what circumstances is it reasonable to breach these rulings for the betterment of such worlds.

The Star Ocean series contains a number of typical RPG elements, fight to gain experience and Fol (the type of currency for the Star Ocean titles), level up, go shopping, etc. But a few of those more unique to the series are shown below.

Action Battles

The Star Ocean titles generally feature action, 3D combat (in all the internationally released titles), where you have 3 or 4 active combatants in battle at once. Here you can control whichever character you please and switch between the active combatants as often as you like, your allies will act on their own accord based on whatever tactics you set them to do. Whether it be a full attacking assault, avoiding combat, healing your comrades or a number of other tactics, depending on the particular game.

Item Creation

Here you and your characters have the ability to create or upgrade various items from resources and existing equipment you already possess. You can potentially make items and weapons exceeding that sold in even the best shops in the games. To make things challenging though a number of ingredients are required for greater success, such as more resources, higher item creation abilities, excess Fol and even a pinch of luck. It's a nonessential part of the game which always gets the attention of players, particularly those who dare to take on the higher difficulty settings or tough post game dungeons. The same post game dungeons which allow for links to other tri-Ace games also, for example you can fight variants of Lenneth and Freya from Valkyrie Profile in one of the Till the End of Time post game dungeons.

Optional playable characters

Star Ocean titles always have a compulsory cast, a handful of characters which will join you regardless of your actions. But also add in optional characters which may, or may not join you depending on actions you take throughout the game. Some characters can be quite difficult to recruit, while some may in fact lock out the ability to recruit others. Certainly on replays you'll want to know who you can get, and how to try build the best balanced party possible. Ever wanted to kick out that annoying character? With such recruitment's it may very well be possible, this gives the player more flexibility.

Private Actions

Another unique ingredient of the Star Ocean titles is Private Actions, which have hidden affection ratings attached. While nonessential to the game it gives you an opportunity to help decide what characters join you, what endings you will get and an opportunity to get to know your characters better. Ranging from their awkward quirks, (such as Second Story's Ashton with Barrels), debates with townsfolk and various other situations to help bring out the personality of your characters. Giving the player a little bit more and adding appreciation to all the different characters you have available, some players will simply pick a character for greater PA's over fighting ability.

Post game "Super bosses"

The Star Ocean titles, and several other tri-Ace titles such as Infinite Undiscovery, Radiata Stories & the Valkyrie Profile Series feature bonus dungeons that can be accessed upon completion of the regular story. These are somewhat independent from the main story of the game and are featured exclusively to challenge you even further, here you'll often require a great deal of item creation and level ups to proceed further. As you progress through these tough dungeons you'll inevitably encounter the celestial beings Gabriel Celesta, then later Ethereal Queen as the ultimate bosses on the game.
Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey - 1996, SNES (Japan)

The first Star Ocean title was released on the SNES in Japan only back in 1996, known as Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey (Later remade internationally in 2008 for PSP as Star Ocean: First Departure). As expected for a title of it's age it typically uses 2D graphics throughout with traditional RPG overhead views.

The story primarily features the planet of Roak, which comes under threat as a unknown entity with greater technology has attacked the planet with a new bio weapon. Ratix and his two Fellpool friends who work for the local Town Defence force in a village just south of the attack take on the task of trying to resolve the issue. Outside of Roak, captain of the human space ship Calnus, Ronixis J. Kenny believes this circumstance is just cause to intervene with Roak and offer his assistance to resolve the problem, despite UP3 rulings.

Star Ocean: The Second Story - 1998, PSX

Star Ocean: The Second Story is the first internationally released Star Ocean title. The game uses a combination of 2D & 3D graphics, including cutscenes and voiceovers, something quite new to the gaming world at the time.

Events begin where Claude, son of the famous Ronixis J. Kenny gets unwillingly transported to the planet Excel while investigating an unknown energy source during an investigation of the unknown. While trying to comprehend what just happened Claude discovers a young girl called Rena, a Nedian who is on the verge of a monster attack. Claude decides to rescue her and in the heat of the moment uses his phase gun, something the UP3 would prohibit. Due to this Rena believes Claude is a man of legend, known as the hero of light. The Hero of light is said to be the savior of Expel which is suffering from a dramatic increase of natural disasters of recent times. Here you also have the the option to play either Claude's or Rena's story, allowing the player a rare opportunity to to see the game from two completely different perspectives.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere - 2001, Game Boy Color (Japan)

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is a direct sequel to Star Ocean: The Second Story, where events take place just two years after those witnessed in Second Story. It was also the first Star Ocean title to remove random battles in place of visible enemies, something which is becoming more and more common in today's RPGs.

Claude has gone back to live on Earth with Rena, Precis and Leon. When Precis receives a distress signal from Opera and Ernest, who crashed on the planet Edifice while treasure hunting, she gathers everyone (including Ashton, Bowman, Celine, Chisato, Dias and Noel who remained on Expel) and the party sets out to Edifice. They too, however, crash-land on the planet after entering the atmosphere.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Director's Cut) - 2003/2004, PS2

After five years the Star Ocean series returns to the newer, more powerful PS2. Till the End of Time was originally a Japanese only release, to be re-released one year later as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time: Director's Cut. Virtually the same product, simply expanded from one to two disks, allowing further content to be added. Such as post game dungeons, two new playable characters and even a 2 player vs. mode, the first (and currently) only way to play a Star Ocean title with another person. Clearly as technology has improves as has the speed and detail of the games, the action battles are far more detailed and quicker, now even (most) Symbology spells occur during the battle, no downtime during spell casting anymore.
one of the best star ocean that released by tri ace.

The story begins where Fayt and Sophia, two humans who are on a holiday with their family on Hyda IV. However the peaceful holiday is soon disrupted as it falls under attack by a third party, which forces everyone to evacuate immediately. The sudden escape however causes Fayt's family and friends to be separated as Fayt's escape pod eventually lands on the highly underdeveloped Vanguard III. Before long Fayt will be rescued by two Klausians, Cliff & Mirage, however they soon fall victim to a Vendeeni attack which causes them to crash land on the underdeveloped planet, Eilcoor II - which a majority of the games proceedings take place.

Star Ocean: First Departure - 2007/2008, PSP

Star Ocean: First Departure is the second remade title by tri-Ace, following the success of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth in 2006. It's also the first time English players have had the opportunity to play the maiden title of the series. Noticeably from the screenshots below it's also the first Star Ocean title to move onto the new standard wide-screen style. It also features Welch as one of it's two new characters, yep the crazy inventor girl from Till the End of Time. Adding yet another mystery to the great Star Ocean, how did she get to a planet over 700SD years apart?

just like the original, the story begins with Roddick , a young Fellpool on town defense duty with his friends Dorne & Millie who respond to an outbreak north in the village due north of them. This fatefully leads them to Ronyx and Ilia. As you can tell already a number of characters and so forth has got renamed during the process.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution - 2008/2009, PSP

Following on closely from the Star Ocean: First Departure remake comes the second Star Ocean title, again remade for PSP. Unlike First Departure however the game resembles it's original much more. Battles and adventuring is virtually unchanged from the PSX title, with a few tweaks here and there of course. The original voice actors have been changed and even some of the original cutscenes have been maintained, while some fresh new anime scenes have been added in for good measure. Second Evolution maintains a balance of the original with a few additions to it.

The story is virtually unchanged, just add Welch yet again as a new character to the game for her third appearance in the series. Events begin where Claude, who gets unwillingly transported to the planet Excel, who shortly after comes across a young girl called Rena, who he rescues from a monster attack - nothing changed to the core, which is good , some characters, towns etc got renamed for the remake as well.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 2009/2010 , Xbox 360 & PS3

The latest title in the series, although unlike Star Ocean titles in the past it reverts to a time before every Star Ocean title before it, to Space Date 10. It's also the second tri-Ace title to be released on Xbox 360, following Infinite Undiscovery, and of course the first Star Ocean title on the 360. Again tri-Ace push the system to it's limits and have delivered some outstanding detail, clearly enough to interest Japan anyway. On the first week of release it sold more units then any other Xbox 360 title in Japan up to it's release , later SE decided to release on the ps3 too.

The Last Hope takes place not long after the events of one of Earths most costly mistakes, World War III. Since then civilization has been searching for a new home in the great Star Ocean. You play as Edge an Earthling, who is accompanied by his long time friend Reimi, both of which search the universe in their spaceship the Calnus, yep the Calnus yet again! There is yet another appearance from the mysterious Welch, in a more traditional role of the one you contact for Item Creation matters. Throughout the same you can visit various planets, including Earth for the first time, and revisit Roak - the planet where a vast majority of First Departure events take palce. There are also appearances from characters related to those we have seen previously as well. Such as Stephen D. Kenny, Sarah Jerand, Elenya Farrence & Lias Warren.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (remake) - 2009, Mobile (Japan Only)

The remake for Star Ocean: Blue Sphere come relatively unannounced in comparison to other recent tri-Ace projects at around May 2009. But not to be forgotten to the major titles Blue Sphere also got remade under the joint banner of Square Enix & tri-Ace. For the first time for any tri-Ace game it is available for exclusive purchase and download in Japan for those with i-mode available on their mobile phone.

Changes to the story are virtually non-existent, tri-Ace even seemingly resisted the temptation to include Welch in yet another remake as they managed to do so with both of the PSP remakes.
Link buat games SO3 undub

link buat SO2 PSP undub
thanks to bro siangsang for link

Link donlod OST ending SO3
( tanda * dihapus ntar + hxxp diganti http )

Quote:Original Posted By IkouKuhn
setelah keliling2 dunia maya cari StarOcean 2 yang UNDUB ktemu juga....
silahkan yg mo ikutan nyedot....

Easy Share Mirror

Mega Upload Mirror

rapid*share Mirror

P.S. ingat ini yang versi PSX loh bukan versi PSP nya....

prima guide star ocean 2 : second story

brady games star ocean 3 : till the end of time

Guide SO4

Star Ocean 3 Till The End Of Time OST lyrics ~ A Small Bird That Forgot How To Fly


Sora o kakeru hikouki
Mado kara miorosu kumo wa yuki no you
Anata no sumu basho e to mukatte
Kono kokoro wa yurete imasu

Kisetsu mo jikan mo subete kawatte iku
Nee mite yo hora
ORION ga chiheisen ni kagayaku

Tobikata o wasureta tori no you ni
Boku wa nanika wo miushinatte
Kizutsuita sono basho kara umaredeta
Itai hodo no shiawase wo mitsuketa

Surinuketeku shiawase hodo
Hakanai koto to wa shirazu ni ita
Surechigai ya ikidoori ni
Sotto hitomi wo sorashite ita

Kisetsu mo jikan mo oikakete miyou
Nee mite yo hora
Taiyou ga noboru awai sora wo

Tobikata o wasureta tori no you ni
Itsuka nanika wo mitsuketa nara
Ki ga tsuite sono basho kara umaredeta
Itai hodo no shiawase ni kitto

Tobikata o wasureta tori no you ni
Boku wa nanika wo miushinatte
Kizutsuita sono basho kara umaredeta
Itai hodo no shiawase ni ima kizuite


The airplane that is flying in the air
The cloud looks like white snow from the window
Fly to the place where you live
My heart keeps shaking

Seasons and time, everything is changing
You look, Orion shines in the horizon

Just like a littel bird that forgot how to fly
I seem to missed somthing
Borned from the place which is hurt
I found near-pain happiness

I didn't know at that time, There is nothing more drifter than lossing happiness
Don't want to face directly, each others' distance and anger

Seasons and time, I want to chase and see
You look, the light colored sky where sun rises

Just like a littel bird that forgot how to fly
If one day I should find something
Lives from self-aware place
The near-pain happiness, That must be it

Just like a littel bird that forgot how to fly
I seem to missed somthing
Borned from the place which is hurt
The near-pain happiness, Now I found, That's it





SO4 opening movie

SO3 opening movie

star ocean first departure opening movie

star ocean : second evolution opening movie

Star Ocean 3 Battle trophy list

1. 100 Battles
2. 1000 Battles
3. 5000 Battles
4. 10,000 Battles
5. 50,000 Battles
6. Simultaneously defeat 2 enemies
7. Simultaneously defeat 3 enemies
8. Simultaneously defeat 4 enemies
9. 10 Hits
10. 30 Hits
11. 50 Hits
12. 100 Hits
13. 150 Hits
14. 200 Hits
15. 250 Hits
16. 300 Hits
17. Defeat enemies of 100 types
18. Defeat enemies of 200 types
19. Defeat enemies of 300 types
20. Defeat enemies of 400 types
21. Defeat enemies of 420 types
22. Chain of 3
23. Chain of 10
24. Chain of 30
25. Chain of 60
26. Chain of 100
27. Chain of 250
28. Chain of 500
29. Defeat enemy with a single blow
30. Defeat with exact damage
31. Defeat with exact damage with a single blow
32. Defeat 300 enemies
33. Defeat 500 enemies
34. Defeat 1000 enemies
35. Defeat 5000 enemies
36. Defeat 10,000 enemies
37. Defeat 50,000 enemies
38. Finish battle in under 30 seconds
39. Finish battle in under 20 seconds
40. Finish battle in under 10 seconds
41. Escape 20 times
42. Escape 100 times
43. Incapacitated 20 times
44. Incapacitated 100 times
45. Win by paralyzing all
46. Win by freezing all
47. Win by a margin of 5 hp
48. Win by a margin of 4 hp
49. Win by a margin of 3 hp
50. Win by a margin of 2 hp
51. Win by a margin of 1 hp
52. 10,000 button presses
53. 100,000 button presses
54. 1,000,000 button presses
55. 10 killing blows
56. 100 killing blows
57. 500 killing blows
58. 1000 killing blows
59. Reach level 10
60. Reach level 77
61. Reach level 120
62. Reach level 255
63. Guard broken 10 times
64. Guard broken 100 times
65. Guard broken 500 times
66. Guard broken 1000 times
67. Angered 10 times
68. Angered 100 times
69. Angered 500 times
70. Angered 1000 times
71. Maximum damage of 1000 damage
72. Maximum damage of 10,000 damage
73. Maximum damage of 50,000 damage
74. Maximum damage of 99,999 damage
75. Win with no damage
76. Cancel bonus 100 times
77. Cancel bonus 1000 times
78. Cancel bonus 3000 times
79. Defeat Norton within 30 seconds
80. Defeat Norton without taking damage
81. Defeat Giant Crab within 1 minute
82. Defeat Giant Crab without taking damage
83. Defeat Shelby within 1 minute
84. Defeat Shelby without taking damage
85. Defeat Moonshadow Clan Chief within 1 minute
86. Defeat Moonshadow Clan Chief without taking damage
87. Defeat Mudman within 1 minute
88. Defeat Mudman without taking damage
89. Defeat Cockatrice within 1 minute
90. Defeat Cockatrice without taking damage
91. Defeat Crystal Cerberus within 1 minute
92. Defeat Crystal Cerberus without taking damage
93. Defeat Demetrio within 1 minute
94. Defeat Demetrio without taking damage
95. Defeat Aurora Monster within 1 minute
96. Defeat Aurora Monster without taking damage
97. Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie within 1 minute
98. Defeat Blue Dragon Zombie without taking damage
99. Defeat Robin Wind within 1 minute
100. Defeat Robin Wind without taking damage
101. Defeat Crosell within one minute
102. Defeat Crosell without taking damage
103. Defeat Biwig within 1 minute
104. Defeat Biwig without taking damage
105. Defeat Proclaimer within 1 minute
106. Defeat Proclaimer without taking damage
107. Defeat Azazer within 1 minute
108. Defeat Azazer without taking damage
109. Defeat Convictor within 1 minute
110. Defeat Convictor without taking damage
111. Defeat Dark Armor within 1 minute
112. Defeat Dark Armor without taking damage
113. Defeat Crystal Statue within 1 minute
114. Defeat Crystal Statue without taking damage
115. Defeat Dark Eye within 1 minute
116. Defeat Dark Eye without taking damage
117. Defeat Chimera within 1 minute
118. Defeat Chimera without taking damage
119. Defeat Stone Golem within 1 minute
120. Defeat Stone Golem without taking damage
121. Defeat Spirit Trio within 1 minute
122. Defeat Spirit Trio without taking damage
123. Defeat Battlecopter within 1 minute
124. Defeat Battlecopter without taking damage
125. Defeat Berial & Belzeber within 1 minute
126. Defeat Berial & Belzeber without taking damage
127. Defeat Luther
128. Defeat Luther within 5 minutes
129. Defeat Luther without taking damage (Including Suspended Time)
130. Defeat Luther at lv1
131. Defeat Luther at Universe Difficulty
132. Defeat Luther at Universe Difficulty without taking damage
133. Defeat Luther within 8 minutes at Universe difficulty
134. Defeat Luther at Universe Difficulty at level 10
135. Defeat Luther at 4D Difficulty without taking damage
136. Defeat Luther at 4D Difficulty within 10 minutes
137. Defeat Luther at 4D Difficulty at level 10
138. Defeat Gabriel
139. Defeat Gabriel without taking damage
140. Defeat Gabriel within 5 minutes
141. Defeat Gabriel at Universe
142. Defeat Gabriel at Universe without taking damage
143. Defeat Gabriel at Universe within 8 minutes144. Defeat Gabriel at 4D
145. Defeat Gabriel at 4D without taking damage
146. Defeat Gabriel at 4D within 10 minutes
147. Defeat Ethereal Queen
148. Defeat Ethereal Queen without taking damage
149. Defeat Ethereal Queen within 10 minutes
150. Defeat Ethereal Queen at Universe
151. Defeat Ethereal Queen at Universe without taking damage
152. Defeat Ethereal Queen at Universe within 15 minutes
153. Defeat Ethereal Queen 4D
154. Defeat Ethereal Queen at 4D without taking damage
155. Defeat Ethereal Queen at 4D within 20 mintes
156. Defeat Lenneth
157. Defeat Lenneth without taking damage
158. Defeat Lenneth within 10 minutes
159. Defeat Lenneth at Universe
160. Defeat Lenneth at Universe without taking damage
161. Defeat Lenneth at Universe within 15 minutes
162. Defeat Lenneth at 4D
163. Defeat Lenneth at 4D without taking damage
164. Defeat Lenneth at 4D within 20 minutes
165. Defeat Freya
166. Defeat Freya without taking damage
167. Defeat Freya within 15 minutes
168. Defeat Freya at Universe
169. Defeat Freya at Universe without taking damage
170. Defeat Freya at Universe within 20 minutes
171. Defeat Freya at 4D
172. Defeat Freya at 4D without taking damage
173. Defeat Freya at 4D within 60 minutes
174. Taunt Gabriel 10 times
175. Taunt Ethereal Queen 10 times
176. Defeat Mighty Vox
177. Get item from Mighty Vox
178. Guard against Mighty Vox
179. Emit Anti-Attack Aura against Mighty Vox
180. Break Mighty Vox's guard
181. Total of 5 hours in battle
182. Total of 50 hours in battle
183. Total of 100 hours in battle
184. Win using only minor attacks
185. Defeat Luther using only minor attacks
186. Defeat Ethereal Queen using only minor attacks
187. Defeat Freya using only minor attacks
188. Win using only major attacks
189. Defeat Luther using only major attacks
190. Defeat Gabriel using only major attacks
191. Defeat Lenneth using only major attacks
192. Win using onl Anti-Attack Auras
193. Defeat Luther using only Anti-Attack Auras
194. Defeat Gabriel using only Anti-Attack Auras
195. Defeat Ethereal Queen using only Anti-Attack Auras
196. Win using only items
197. Defeat Albel 1 with items only
198. Defeat Albel 2 with items only
199. Defeat Albel 3 with items only
200. Win using only Symbology
201. Defeat Luther using only Symbology
202. Defeat Gabriel using only Symbology
203. Defeat Lenneth using only Symbology
204. Win using only Charge
205. Defeat Luther using only Charge
206. Defeat Gabriel using only Charge
207. Defeat Lenneth using only Charge
208. Win using only Battle Skills
209. Defeat Luther using only Battle Skills
210. Defeat Ethereal Queen using only Battle Skills
211. Defeat Freya using only Battle Skills
212. Win alone213. Defeat Luther alone
214. Defeat Gabriel alone
215. Defeat Ethereal Queen alone
216. Defeat Lenneth alone
217. Defeat Freya alone
218. Win using only metal pipe
219. Defeat Norton using only metal pipe
220. Damage with attack 99,999 using only metal pipe
221. Defeat Luther using only metal pipe
222. Defeat Lenneth using only metal pipe
223. Complete win over Luther
224. Avoid Fire Bolt
225. Defeat Mecha Scumbag
226. Defeat Lv99 Thieving Scumbag
227. Encounter Sootie
228. Defeat Sootie
229. Remain with Fury 3 conecutive times
230. Remain with Fury 5 conecutive times
231. Remain with Fury 10 conecutive times
232. Remain with Fury 15 conecutive times
233. Recover 777 Hp
234. Recover 7777 Hp
235. Recover 77,777 Hp
236. 77,777 Hp Remaining
237. 111 damage
238. 222 damage
239. 333 damage
240. 555 damage
241. 777 damage
242. 5555 damage
243. 7777 damage
244. 77,777 damage
245. Get 10 Lucky Stars
246. Get 30 Lucky Stars
247. Win 10 consecutive times taking no damage
248. Win 50 consecutive times taking no damage
249. Win 100 consecutive times taking no damage
250. 50 consecutive battles alone
251. 100 consecutive battles alone
252. 500 consecutive battles alone
253. Avoid Fire Bolt 10 consecutive times
254. Avoid Fire Bolt 50 consecutive times
255. 10 consecutive killing blows
256. 50 consecutive killing blows
257. Level up 5 consecutive times
258. Level up 10 consecutive times
259. Level up 20 consecutive times
260. 10 consecutive successful guards
261. 50 consecutive successful guards
262. 100 consecutive successful guards
263. 200 consecutive successful guards
264. 500 consecutive successful guards
265. Rear attacked 5 consecutive times
266. Surrounded 5 consecutive times
267. Ambushed 5 consecutive times
268. Item received 10 consecutive times
269. 10 consecutive blows
270. 30 consecutive blows
271. 50 consecutive blows
272. 31 consecutive escapes
273. No damage 30 times in a row
274. No damage 50 times in a row
275. Defeat Ethereal Queen 5 times
276. Defeat Freya 5 times
277. Defeat the Princess and the Knight
278. Defeat Villain Pair
279. Defeat Tiger-Striped Pair
280. Defeat Daughter of the Beast Tamer
281. Defeat Fayt
282. Defeat the Princess and the Knight alone
283. Defeat Villain Pair alone
284. Defeat Tiger-Striped Pair alone
285. Defeat Daughter of the Beast Tamer alone
286. Defeat Fayt alone
287. Defeat the Princess and the Knight without taking damage
288. Defeat Villain Pair without taking damage
289. Defeat Tiger-Striped Pair without taking damage
290. Defeat Daughter of the Beast Tamer without taking damage
291. Defeat Fayt without taking damage
292. Defeat Fayt at Universe
293. Defeat Fayt at 4D
294. Win Auto Battle
295. Hit with Battle Sphere 5 times
296. Fight over 60 minutes
297. Fight over 120 minutes
298. Don't get hit for one minute
299. Win staying more than 5 meters from enemy
300. Moved a total distance of 42.195 km in battle
reverse for update
wah, game ini satu2nya yang bikin gw ngulang ampe 3x, dan udah nyampe disk2 tengah2..

yang pertama ngulang gara2 baca2 gamefaqs, jawaban event bisa bikin endingnya beda2...serem amat kalo ama cowo endingnya

yang kedua gara2 ga dapet nel

yang ketiga hampir mau diulang gara2 level kok susah amat yah nginjek 100++

untung gw udah keburu cape ngulang gan

gw inget nih, jaman dulu game ps2 lagi bener2 sepi ampe tiba2 muncul nih game
uh iya ya star ocean yang baru dah keluar yah di ps3...bener2 telat update gara2 magang
Quote:Original Posted By dHeartless
uh iya ya star ocean yang baru dah keluar yah di ps3...bener2 telat update gara2 magang

ho oh , star ocean 4 : the last hope
cuman pada banyak penggemar SO yg rada kecewa ama SO4

hasil penerawangan di gamefaqs message board
bangga ama pencapaian aye ngalahin Frey 5x dan dalam 15 menit
padahal pertamanya kebantai mulu :
yg di universe, mentok lawan Gabriel karena ga pake strategi pas bantai Frey
mau lanjutin juga ud malas banget karena save datanya g apus

SO3 desain charanya juga yang terbaik dr semua seri SO :
Nel dan Maria :
ama si garang Albel

pesaing terdekat cuman dr SO2
SO 1 ama SO 4 yg aneh desain charanya :
cuman kalo dr segi kedalaman cerita, SO3 jelas masih di bawah SO2
Quote:Original Posted By celestial being
bangga ama pencapaian aye ngalahin Frey 5x dan dalam 15 menit
padahal pertamanya kebantai mulu :
yg di universe, mentok lawan Gabriel karena ga pake strategi pas bantai Frey
mau lanjutin juga ud malas banget karena save datanya g apus

SO3 desain charanya juga yang terbaik dr semua seri SO :
Nel dan Maria :
ama si garang Albel

pesaing terdekat cuman dr SO2
SO 1 ama SO 4 yg aneh desain charanya :
cuman kalo dr segi kedalaman cerita, SO3 jelas masih di bawah SO2

mantap dah
story SO3 jelas di bawah SO2 yg lebih dalem
ho oh , desain char SO4 rada aneh

eike juga bangga dapet battle trophy 96% + ngalahin freya di 4D & dibawah 60
cuman ngalahin freya 4D tanpa damage yg susah
pake FAM ( full active mode ) + roe tablet & shielding device , gw tetep aja suka kena damage
Ane baru dapet gamenya tadi gan
Yang dvd 1 kayaknya mencurigakan, magnetnya nggak rata tapi tetep ane beli, game langka kali
Ntar ane ikutan ngepost abis maenin suikoden 5 aja deh
Quote:Original Posted By braintwister
Ane baru dapet gamenya tadi gan
Yang dvd 1 kayaknya mencurigakan, magnetnya nggak rata tapi tetep ane beli, game langka kali
Ntar ane ikutan ngepost abis maenin suikoden 5 aja deh

avatarnya :
female fav gw
beli games dimana bro ??
dituker aja kalo ngak jalan
seep dah , ditunggu reviewna
Game ini gw cuma maen setengah Bro
lawan opt bossnya yang macem valkrie tuh lupa susah bener euy
lawan gabriel gw jadi main kucing2an pake fayt, cliff sama sophia...gw sih pake sophia biar heal terus ke fayt ama cliff

dari 10x nyoba, 9x mati terus

gile, gara2 trit ini gw jadi pengen nerusin main lagi...tamat sih udah, cuma gw belum kelar di tower yang lantainya ampe ratusan itu loh..yang raja (ratu) terkahirnya star ocean... keburu ada game baru soalnya
[QUOTE='[Shadow]LenZ;180990851']Game ini gw cuma maen setengah Bro [/QUOTE]
ad bro lenz
kok cuman setengah doang :
berenti dimana bro

Quote:Original Posted By gensailles
lawan opt bossnya yang macem valkrie tuh lupa susah bener euy

lawan lenneth ato freya , bro ??
haduh jaman skrng bnyk DVD star ocean 3 yg ga bnr uda beli 3x ane ga ad yg bnr selalu hang sampe tempat tertentu ( ad yg hang pas batel , ad yg pas opening dll) dan ane yakin masalahna bukan di PS2 ane
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ad bro lenz
kok cuman setengah doang :
berenti dimana bro

Lupa Bro

Cuma dulu gara2 nyoba Fable malah ga niat lanjut lagi Star Ocean 3