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We are welcoming you all the proud owner of Honda Freed in Indonesia, in our big family of Honda Freed Owner's Indonesia (known as HOFOS). we do hope this community will thrive for us to share the knowledge, exchange information, and any other valuable things regarding Honda Freed. Everyone is welcome here, whether you already owned a Freed, in consideration to have a Freed, used to owned Freed, or just an automotive enthusiast.

One kind warning thou, please be advise that this mailing list is full of 'acid' (or racun in bahasa), because we love to shows our Freed, upgrade its power, costumize the audio, enhance the looks, install a bodykit, or in a word you may say that we are sooo Narcist in terms to show our cars. But do not worry, we also known by our hospitality to others, we know no seniority here, and we will always try our best to answer any of your question(s).

Because afterall we are One Big Happy FAMILY, whilst we always pursue the perfection of our ride.

You may also reach us at our website http://www.hofos.org

Hope you enjoys your stay here with us, and Remember Honda FREED motto IT'S A NEW LIFE, LETS FREED ...

Glad to have you with us here,



Please spend some time to read and understand our mailing list rules for your own convinience. If you have any inquiry(s) please do not hesitate to contact us at hofosmoderator(at)yahoo.com

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contact person : jlitenk (Hofos#003) or wyudiantoro (Hofos#060)
sama, up.. sundul gan
kompor gas yg di dashboard dah dicoba blom om

sambil lirik lirik si Vtec-Lover yg dah punya Freed
Quote:Original Posted By andreis88
Halo juragan2 semua.... yang uda pake honda freed kita share2 aja dr A smpe Z tentang honda freed.. atau uda ada yg modifikasi freed nya kita share pic2 nya jg.. hehehe... atau mungkin juga sampai kita bikin komunitas nya...

di tunggu yah.....

terima kasih anda telah menggunakan produk HONDA
up lagiiiiii..... ayo dnk yg pnya freed ksni.... hehehehe.....
ga punya freed, tapi punya versi 5-seaternya

Quote:Original Posted By yk16
kompor gas yg di dashboard dah dicoba blom om

sambil lirik lirik si Vtec-Lover yg dah punya Freed

kompor nya mantep... api nya biru.....
ada apa nama gue disebut sebut :
Quote:Original Posted By andreis88
kompor nya mantep... api nya biru.....

bisa masak dong disana

Quote:Original Posted By Vtec-Lover
ada apa nama gue disebut sebut :

apa kabar Freed lu tuh ??
jadi dikasih diskon sama om jonfis
up lg dah.... kmn nih yg pnya honda freed? hehe... masuk dnk.... di forum sebelah aja rame pisan euy.... haha....
Quote:Original Posted By andreis88
kompor nya mantep... api nya biru.....

no comment dah....
ayo para tetangga ruma g yg uda pada punya freed mana nih komenny tentang nih mobil...(uda ada sktr 4 rumah yg punya)
tunggu secondya aja deh..lumayan kalo duduk blakang turun dimall gausah buka pintu..hahaha

sorry nih mau tawarin

foglamp utk honda freed merk esuse..jamin murah!! boleh di bandingin..

PM utk harga
tlp & sms ke 93133339
numpang duduk buat turut memantau ....
Gw jga dah pke Honda Freed gan...bru dateng 2 hri yg lalu...
Lmayan enak sih menurut gw....
Syang yah freed g ad foglampnya....
freed 5-seater
freed wa baru dateng tuh 1 minggu lalu
kok bensinnya boros ya 1:8an
go go