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Quote:[Waiting Lounge] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500

Spoiler for Samsung Note2 N7100 VS Samsung S4 :

yang mana gan..?



Quote:Original Posted By retd
yang bingung one vs s4

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One: Army of two

[Waiting Lounge] Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500

Via GSMArena

tetep resultnya balik ke selera masing2
overall s4 banyak unggul

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Pagi2 buka gsmarena ada comparison antara xperia z vs sgs4, when korean and japanese giant collides

Guess what?

S4 vs Xperia Z

Sorry but the king is still the true king,
sgs4 crushed xperia z in almost every aspect

NB : SGS4 snapdragon 600 i9505 version

Display, power efficient, UI+exclusive feature, Multimedia player, hardware benchmarking, image still quality, low light image quality, loudspeaker, audio quality, video recording etc. SGS4 definitely wins
While xperia z only wins in design aspect

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