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With the new JOBS act signed into law this April, many companies in the US have been preparing for big changes in the ways startups and private businesses are financed. We believe that a long due detailed overview of the JOBS act will help uinvestors gain a perspective on how UInvest crowd funding model fits into American market and what advantages UInvest has over other US companies by being in business of crowd funding on the international level for nearly five years.

In February 2011, Jason Best, Sherwood Neiss and Zak Cassady-Dorion (photo on the left), Principals of Crowdfund Capital Advisors banded together and formed 'Startup Exemption' with the goal to lobby Washington (1) D.C. to update the U.S. Federal Security Laws and make it legal for entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding to raise a limited amount of early-stage equity-based financing. With the assistance of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC) they partook in two hearings on Capitol Hill.Their framework was the basisfor the Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act (H.R. 2930) introduced by Rep. Patrick McHenry (photo on the right) (R-NC) on September 14, 2011. It proposed to greatly reduce restrictions on equity crowdfunding of for-profit businesses then present in state and federal securities laws. The resulting bill was a rare example of bipartisan cooperation, earning the strong support of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who shepherded the legislation through the House (2).

As a result, on April 4th, 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act, was signed into law by the President of United States of America.

Among the provisions in the JOBS Act is a federal Kickstarter of sorts, or crowdfunding. Startups and small businesses will be allowed to raise up to $1 million from small-dollar investments via Web-based platforms that are monitored by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The IPO on-ramp, meanwhile, would change securities laws as they relate to small businesses in the first years after they go public. Companies already have two years to comply with certain Sarbanes-Oxley auditing requirements.

The JOBS Act extends that to five years - or less if the company reaches $1 billion in gross revenue, $700 million in public float, or issues more than $1 billion in non-convertible debt in the previous three years.
Also on the IPO front, existing law allows exemptions from certain SEC requirements for companies looking to raise less than $5 million from an IPO. That exemption was seldom used, however, so the JOBS Act bumps that cap to $50 million.

The bill also changes some existing limitations on how companies can solicit private investments from 'accredited investors,' tasks the SEC with ensuring that companies take reasonable steps to verify that such investors are accredited, and gives companies more flexibility to plan their access to public markets and incentivize employees, the White House said.

Ayo ayo... siapa aja refferral ane yang udah deposit dan beli saham... silahkan Request RCB ke ane dengan cara posting dimari gan

Format Request RCB:

Quote:Username Kaskus:
Username Uinvest:
Tanggal Deposit:
Nilai Deposit:
Tanggal Beli Saham:
Saham Yang Dibeli:
Nomor Rekening LR:

Semoga kemakmuran & kesejahteraan selalu bersama kita.. Aamiiin

Testimonial Para Uinvestors

#1 Jerzy Lipowicz 2011-05-13 18:10

I am a disabled person and thanks to Uinvest I have $ 50 a month. This money partly covers the cost of my rehabilitation. What I like best about Uinvest is their customer-friendly attitude and innovative ideas for creating a comapany.
As a young person I am looking for ways to become financially independent. I am learning to invest and practise my English. My old laptop computer is the main tool I can use in my school-work and communicating with friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't meet requiments of new computer programs which I need to continue my education.
Thank you!

#2 Jakub Nowak 2011-05-21 20:53

I heard about Uinvest last August. I've been very skeptical and careful at first, but now I know that Uinvest is very trustful and stable investment option. I made my first investment and in 45 days received my certificate papers by post. Few days ago I've sold my shares to test this function and everthing worked perfectly. In few minutes I got my money on e-currency account(Liberty Reserve). I'm going to buy more shares in few days. I can recommend this site to everyone, trust me, it's a great deal!

#3 sony 2011-05-21 03:34

I am going to be terse. Here I go. It all started last December 2010. A friend of mine had discovered uinvest and told me about it. At first I did not pay attention to it. Why? Because I did not know anything about investment on Internet and I thought that uinvest was like most hyips. From then up to now I have been learning about this kind of investments. I have not been found any other option like uinvest, I mean, the business idea. That is why my confidence have been increasing.
I have invested a lot of money from last December 2010 up to now. Today May 21st 2011 I have recovered all principal investment. I do not like to talk about how much money I have invested, I hope that you are able to understand about it.
I am not nobody who can give you a piece of advice but I am going to do my best respect to this. My advice is just to give a chance. There are a lot of shares about a restaurant that its cost is 14 bucks so buy 1 share only one and wait for a month. At the same time you could see all the movements that investors perform. You could read the forum. Then at the end get your monthly earnings and enjoy them.
I bought something that I really wanted and was waiting for some time when I get my first monthly earnings.
This is the only thing I can tell, I mean, my story the rest is up to you.

Tratare de ser lo mas breve que pueda. Aquí voy, Todo comenzó el pasado diciembre de 2010. Un amigo mío había descubierto uinvest y me dijo al respecto. Al principio no le presté atención. ¿Por qué? Porque yo no sabía nada acerca de la inversión en Internet y pensé que era como la mayoría de las HYIPs. Desde entonces hasta ahora he estado aprendiendo sobre este tipo de inversiones. No he encontrado ninguna otra opción como uinvest, es decir, la idea de negocio. Por ello, mi confianza ha ido en aumento.
He invertido mucho dinero desde el pasado diciembre de 2010 hasta el momento. Hoy 21 de mayo 2011 he recuperado toda la inversión principal. No me gusta hablar de la cantidad de dinero que he invertido, espero que usted es capaz de entender al respecto.
Yo no soy nadie que pueda darte un consejo, pero aqui voy. Mi consejo es: darle una oportunidad. Hay un montón de acciones de un restaurante que su costo es de 14 dólares, compren una, solo una y esperen por un mes. Al mismo tiempo, se podrian ver todos los movimientos que realizan los inversores, podrian leer el foro. Luego, al final del mes toman sus ingresos mensuales y a disfrutar de ellos.
He comprado algo que realmente quería y estaba esperando desde hace algún tiempo cuando cobre mis primeras ganancias.
Esto es lo único que puedo decir, es decir, mi historia, el resto depende de usted.

#4 Ivan Levente 2011-05-15 16:53


My name is Ivan. I'm not an investor yet, but an affiliate who has been continuously advertising Uinvest because of it's attractive referral program.

After referring this site to almost 10k people, I am more than pleased with the results so far and I'm planning to advertise it even more intensively in the coming days.

The staff is professional, support is fast and professional, payments are always on time and if you ever have any problems, they get solved as soon as possible. So, what more do you need? Invest NOW!

Soon with the launch of Uraise, this program (Uinvest) will have a massive success in my opinion.


#5 Maciej Matysik 2011-05-15 11:51

I read about Uinvest about one year ago. I buy one share just for test this site. After three month I realized that everything goes perfect. Now I decided to invest all money that I will earn in holiday. I'm sure that Uinvest help me to gain my financial freedom

Testimonial Para Uinvestors (lanjutan)

#6 UI-Power (Online) 2011-05-21 10:02

Hi I'm from Germany and 29 years old.

In my job I earn so little that it hardly pays the rent.
Therefore, I wanted to make some money with HYIPs. I invested a few months ago at OrbisTrends, but they went SCAM and I lost a lot of money.
Then I discovered uinvest and was able to gain the loss.
From now on I'm making a nice profit each month. With that I would like to go on holiday with my 3 year old daughter. My last holiday has been over 10 years ago, that has thanks to uinvest now an end.

The offers and the service of uinvest is great!
As is the support of paypai for deposits and withdrawals.

I wish all the other investors a lot of fun and success with uinvest.

uinvest you are really the best, keep it up!

#7 Andrzej Mrugała 2011-05-13 18:57

Hi. I am with you in September and I am very happy with this investment. My earnings Reached nearly $ 1,000. My biggest success is finding Uinvest and investment in this business. I wish you all success and I will be grateful for your votes

#8 UXCHANGE (online now!) 2011-05-13 18:16

As a student I'm always low on cash. Everytime I get a little money from my family or from one-time jobs, I invest it at UInvest. At the moment I'm getting about $100 extra per month, thanks to UInvest. This helps me concentrating on my study instead of working hard for extra money!

#9 anderson escorce 2011-05-17 00:16

Hello everyone!
first like to introduce myself, I'm Anderson Escorce live in the city of Brazil Marialva-pr.

I've tried everything to make money on the internet, I used PTC sites, linear system, nothing gave me more HYIPs security because most everything was set, were financial pyramids today after almost losing hope of finding something on the internet that pay more than was really serious so I found in uinivest!

#10 Ali Al-Jibouri 2011-05-14 16:16

It's funny that I was on merge of quitting the investment world until I saw Uinvest. Unlike most other investment websites that claim to be legit, Uinvest is the real deal. How? Well, simply look at website structure and support. Uinvest gave me the opportunity to invest my money in a place where I do not have to monitor it 24/7. I am convinced that this project will work out for everyone on a long term basis. I would like to thank Uinvest for this great opportunity and I wish to everyone good luck

Testimonial Para Uinvestors (lanjutan)

#11 Szarvas Balázs 2011-05-14 10:51
I am a student!
My only income is Uinvest!
Thanks to all guys!

#12 UXCHANGE (online now!) 2011-05-16 22:36
Quoting Jerzy Lipowicz:
I am a disabled person and through UInvest $ 50 a month I have on rehabilitation. I need a new computer for learning and on new have no money.
Thank you!

How about writing a real story instead of begging for a new laptop?

#13 Murdhani 2011-05-14 09:55
I am a civil servant, but with incomes that can not be said enough and I see so many investment opportunities such as HYIP and MLM but it is very difficult for me to arrive at its achievements, but after I found UINVEST ... I started studying it further by a limited understanding and with a bid that is so unique I'm sure I can give I'd hoped for investment prospects and long term, maybe I'm the lucky one! Thank's UINVEST ...

#14 Otto injeri 2011-05-14 01:01
Uinvest is a DREAM COME TRUE for me.

I've seeking around 3 years on internet space how to get Stable & Passive monthly income. I've try PTC, HYIP, MLM, Matrix program and all of them are fail untill i found UInvest.

Now i get approximately $300/month from Uinvest. This amount is equal with my monthly salary from offline job at Indonesia.

I'm very please with UInvest who have help double my monthly income so i'm able to increase Quality of me and my family Life.
url of this story Quote

#15 Joseph Kulutu Buandong 2011-05-15 09:58
Hello peeps,

My adventure with Uinvest started last year when I was looking for a way to make some money online through investment and registered with several hyips to reach that goal. I made some but also unfortunately for me many of those I registered with shut down and ran away with my money. I registered sometime ago with Uinvest as well but never really considered it since I thought it was just like any other hyip. Recently after being disappointed several times and about to quit all those rubbishes, I decided to take a closer look at Uinvest and discovered how different it was and how stupid I've been all that time neglecting it for programs I thought at that time were better. Today, I am so proud to be part of Uinvest that I am now spending my time telling people about this great opportunity which has nothing to do at all with hyips and invite you to do the same: spread the word!!!!

Thank you everybody for taking the time to read me.

To our success with UINVEST!


Testimonial Para Uinvestors (lanjutan)

#16 Gonzalo Testa 2011-05-26 10:44
Hello everyone, like may others I found Uinvest after loosing many dollars on HYIP industry. I remember when I started, I was only using Paid to click programs, and all was a little bit possitive, then I moved to HYIPs, where I've learnt many things, after some tries I found Uinvest, and since then everything went fine, and with my monthly income I pay the bills of my blog! This is a site that changed my point of view about stock and investment industry, and help me to trust in the Internet bussines.

I recommend you enter into the site, see, explore and keep trying, because if you try just one time you don't lose nothing!



Hola a todos, como muchos otros encontré a Uinvest luego de perder muchos dolares en la industria de HYIPs. Recuerdo cuando comencé, sólo usando los programas de pago por clicks, y todo era un poco positivo, entonces pase a los HYIPs, donde aprendí muchas cosas, después de algunos intentos encontré Uinvest, y desde entonces todo va bien, y con los ingresos mensuales puedo mantener mi blog! Este es un sitio que cambio mi punto de vista sobre las industrias de inversión y acciones, y me ayudo a confiar en los negocios por Internet.

Recomiendo que entren, vean, exploren, e intenten, con intentar 1 vez no se pierde nada!



#17 Sun 2011-05-15 21:00
So you want to get a MacBook ? If you vote for me I'll share the value of a MacBook with you and my subscribers.

As an HYIP investor since 2006 and the admin of privatehyipblog.com, I can tell you that your best chances to get a MacBook is to select Uinvest as part of a wisely diversified HYIP selection.


#18 Szarvas Balázs 2011-05-14 10:48
My life is Uinvest!
40$ per month!
Thanks all!

#19 Korai Béla József 2011-05-16 16:18
Hello Uinvestors,

Uinvest is a great opportunity, and we are here in the right place at the right time! As you know we are helping to many Ukrainian businesses which is a win-win situation for everyone of us. Alex, Dave and all the crew behind Uinvest i would like to thank you for this project and your hard work!
Keep it up guys because you're the best online opportunity!
All the best for everyone!

#20 Sim55 2011-05-16 18:28
Niceeeeeeeeeeee and Very good
Quote:Original Posted By dhaniswara354

Sebenarnya penjelasan dari Uinvest di forum itu udah jelas banget gan, kalaupun agan gak ngerti bahasa Inggris, agan bisa Translate via Google...

Intinya dari penjelasan itu menurut ane: Banyak pemilik bisnis di Ukraina yang kesulitan mendapatkan pencairan dana dari bank, dan mereka bersedia menjual sahamnya via Uinvest dengan perjanjian yang disetujui kedua pihak. Bahkan saat ini nilai total penjualan saham oleh Uinvest udah lebih dari 100 juta usd...

Mengenai Go Public yang agan maksud itu untuk Perusahaan yang mau menjual saham, sedangkan ini bukan tujuan Uinvest, karena Uinvest berperan seperti Broker Saham, bukan berperan sebagai Perusahaan Terbuka (Tbk)..

Uinvest sudah mengumumkan pada para Uinvestors bahwa Uinvest telah mengakuisisi Gefest yaitu sebuah perusahaan keuangan dari Ukraina, yang mana melalui Gefest maka Uinvest dapat menjual saham perdana bagi perusahaan Ukraina yang hendak Go Public...

Perlu diinget gan, Uinvest bukanlah pihak yang membutuhkan pinjaman, tetapi Uinvest adalah mediator yang menghubungkan pihak perusahaan yang membutuhkan dana dengan pihak investor (pemilik dana)...

sebagai broker, lembaga apa yg menaungi/penjamin investasi dari loss yg disebabkan uinvest (entah sengaja atau tidak). Dan kemana investor bisa mengadu saat ada mslh?
Quote:Original Posted By 101010.

sebagai broker, lembaga apa yg menaungi/penjamin investasi dari loss yg disebabkan uinvest (entah sengaja atau tidak). Dan kemana investor bisa mengadu saat ada mslh?

sepengetahuan ane untuk lembaga yang menjamin berinisial INCA untuk saham perusahaan Ukraina dan ISLD untuk saham perusahaan yang didatangkan oleh agen GUN (Global Uinvest Network) gan..., kedua lembaga ini menjamin untuk membeli kembali (buyback) semua saham yang akan dijual oleh uinvestor dengan harga perdana...

Jika agan memutuskan untuk berinvestasi di Uinvest, maka agan harus menaruh kepercayaan terhadap Uinvest dan agan harus siap dengan segala Resiko Investasi. Selama ini apabila ada masalah yang dialami oleh uinvestor baik itu segala pertanyaan, komplain, masalah pembayaran dividen, masalah teknis, dlll selalu dijawab dan berhasil diselesaikan oleh tim support Uinvest...

UInvest Friday Newsletter 01/11/2013 Indonesian

Kotak Pencarian sudah diluncurkan!

Kami senang memberitahu Anda tentang sebuah inovasi menarik di situs kami. Tak lain adalah “Kotak Pencarian”! Opsi ini akan sangat memudahkan navigasi Anda dalam situs kami. Sekarang Anda dapat menemukan berita apapun dengan memasukkan salah satu kata asalnya. Contohnya, dengan mengetik kata “kontes”, Anda dapat melihat semua berita yang mengandung kata ini. Kesederhanaan adalah ciri utama kami.

Tombol keluhan melambangkan kritik yang membangun.

Opini Anda adalah kriteria utama dalam penilaian hasil kerja kami. Kami selalu berusaha mendapatkan opini Anda tentang pekerjaan kami, membuat kesimpulan yang masuk akal, dan memberikan implementasi yang diperlukan. Salah satu ungkapan favorit kami adalah “Perbuatan, bukan kata-kata”. Oleh karena itu, kami ingin mengumumkan bahwa kami akan meluncurkan tombol Keluhan. Anda bebas memberikan opini dan kritik yang membangun, tapi harap perhatikan hal berikut ini – tombol Keluhan hanya dapat digunakan untuk berbagi opini tentang layanan kami saja.

GUN Academy Course akan segera dimulai!

Apa investasi terbaik di dunia? Tentu saja pengetahuan. Kami senang mengumumkan bahwa GUN Academy course akan dimulai pada tanggal 14 Februari 2013. Bila Anda ingin menjadi investor yang sukses dan kaya, Anda harus mengikuti pelatihan penting ini. Anda akan menerima pengetahuan yang dapat digunakan seumur hidup Anda.

Quote:Original Posted By dhaniswara354
Ayo ayo... siapa aja refferral ane yang udah deposit dan beli saham... silahkan Request RCB ke ane dengan cara posting dimari gan

Format Request RCB:

Semoga kemakmuran & kesejahteraan selalu bersama kita.. Aamiiin

Username Kaskus: classical1
Username Uinvest: adiwa777
Tanggal Deposit: 8/01/2013
Nilai Deposit: $40
Tanggal Beli Saham: 8/01/2013
Saham Yang Dibeli: GUN, PM, LLVP, FCM, Oil Palm, PVC Panels Plant, VIP Hotel.
Quote:Original Posted By classical1

Username Kaskus: classical1
Username Uinvest: adiwa777
Tanggal Deposit: 8/01/2013
Nilai Deposit: $40
Tanggal Beli Saham: 8/01/2013
Saham Yang Dibeli: GUN, PM, LLVP, FCM, Oil Palm, PVC Panels Plant, VIP Hotel.

Gan.. maaf ye gan, deposit agan musti dibeliin saham dulu baru komisi ane bs cair gan... nih liat screenshotnya gan:

ajiiiibbb itu keterangan saham yg dibeli banyak beutt gan ane juga mau tuh 40 usd bisa beli GUN, PM, LLVP, FCM, Oil Palm, PVC Panels Plant, VIP Hotel.

Kenapa masih pending yaa?

Perasaan sih ane dah invest gan. Lihat nih contohnya:

Mudah2an sih udah bener prosedur beli sahamnya. Ngikutin panduan yg agan sarankan di atas.
Quote:Original Posted By classical1
Kenapa masih pending yaa?

Perasaan sih ane dah invest gan. Lihat nih contohnya:

Mudah2an sih udah bener prosedur beli sahamnya. Ngikutin panduan yg agan sarankan di atas.

Gan... maap gan.. itu screenshotnya menunjukkan agan masih ngantri beli saham dengan harga 5 usd, tapi saham belum agan miliki... btw itu ngantri beli saham apa gan 5 usd setahu ane paling murah 11 usd loh gan...

Agan harus deal dulu beli saham sesuai harga penawaran terendah di kolom sebelah kanan gan (list yang want to sell)...

Kemudian agan bisa klik "asset management", lalu klik "account activity", lalu klik tab "shares", dan selanjutnya agan ambil screenshotnya spt dibawah ini:

Begitu ya yg agan maksudkan?

He he agak bingung juga nih otak atiknya. Maklum, masih bau kencur gan masalah saham.

Btw, thank you atas bimbingannya.
Quote:Original Posted By classical1

Begitu ya yg agan maksudkan?

He he agak bingung juga nih otak atiknya. Maklum, masih bau kencur gan masalah saham.

Btw, thank you atas bimbingannya.

Naah... cakeeep... bgtu baru bener gan...

tinggal sekarang ane nunggu komisi dari Uinvest dateng abiz itu ane transfer ke agan dah...

Iya sama2 gan... thank you juga udah jadi refferral ane
hari minggu menjelang sore hujan deress beutt... enaknya ngapain ye gan

VIP service for uinvestors

UInvest launches VIP service for the most loyal uinvestors whose business activity requires special care. Here are some current benefits VIP uinvestors have:
- Highest priority for add/withdraw funds
- All available payment methods with no restrictions
- Direct line to managers for support
- 20% discount in UInvest Store
- Access to UInvest Premarket

To qualify for VIP your uinvest account must be older than 12 months and your rank must exceed 50,000.

Global Uinvest Network Update

Luar biasa gan!!!... Manajemen Uinvest merencanakan, memprediksi dan berharap bahwa dalam beberapa tahun mendatang Komunitas GUN (Global Uinvest Network) akan mengalahkan Nasdaq, NYSE, FTSE, dll secara Kapitalisasi Pasar, dimana Nilai Permodalan dari GUN diprediksi akan mencapai RIBUAN KALI LIPAT dari gabungan Nasdaq, NYSE, FTSE, dll ...