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keren. pengen main yg lime ama dragon nest.
itu yg english ver belon pada kluar kan ya.?
ada lagi ga game2 dengan grafis fantasy seperti itu yg udah bisa dimaenin.?

Forsaken World Launches Today

Website : http://fw.perfectworld.com/

Today Forsaken World officially steps into the final release stage. In case you may get confused, I'd like to make it clear that the open beta of Forsaken World means the official launch of the game since all servers and almost all gameplay contents are available. You can register an account on FW website and download the game

The beginning of Open Beta/release also means that all data in the previous CB will be wiped out and everyone starts from scratch. And the release of the game is just the beginning, according to PWE, "a lot more is coming on the horizon!" If you are new comers to the world of Eyrda, you may like to check out the beginners guide to get familiar with the game quickly.

Also I'd to tell a good news to Southeast Asian players. You will have your own version of Forsaken World soon since Perfect World has licensed Cubinet Interactive to operate the game in SEA. Learn more about the game on the official site.
Quote:Original Posted By TisuBasah
keren. pengen main yg lime ama dragon nest.
itu yg english ver belon pada kluar kan ya.?
ada lagi ga game2 dengan grafis fantasy seperti itu yg udah bisa dimaenin.?

Kalo type gamenya sih kgk ada tuh dragon nest system gamenya unik ga kaya rpg laen

kalo grafis sih lumayan banyak, yang paling deket itu

Lucent hearts, tgl 18 CBT mulai cek sini http://www.kaskus.co.id/showthread.php?t=6495971

Remnant knight masih CBT sekarang: http://www.kaskus.co.id/showthread.php?t=7018649

Rusty hearts baru di umumin : http://rustyhearts.perfectworld.com/

masih banyak lg tp masih belum CBT baru di umumin aja

Website :
http://btr.webzen.co.kr/ (Server Korea)
http://ac.webzen.com/ (Server Global)

Military FPS set in Modern day background
Battlefield: with realistic visual, this has never seen in other online FPS games. Actual real-life gears used in modern warfare brings higher satisfaction to users. Dynamic tactics with easy-use but with variety of contents. Packages dropped off from dead enemy introduces luck factor and give variety of choices for tactics. Variety skill choice gives variety tactics for different approaches. Trophy items for excitement and superiority

Tactically prepared Contents used in many different ways. Event and quest by using Trophy items. New mode using package items.

Quote:Original Posted By status

Server Korea = Release-OBT
Server Global = Coming soon in 2012

Spoiler for Features:

Spoiler for Video:

Spoiler for Full Game:

Website :
Korea Server : http://hessian.yoitt.com/

Hessian is a Korean MMO third person shooter that was set in the future 2012 year when each countries are fighting for resources such as oil and rare metals. In Hessian, soldiers will not server their nations to charge forward but get them equipped with wealth offered by company boss.

Using Unreal 3 Engine, MMOTPS Hessian focuses on realistic graphics and action. Moreover, this Korean MMO will go free to play and be published by GSP Interactive.

Quote:Original Posted By status

Free To Play
Server Korea = Release-OBT
Server SEA = In Development
sumber : http://gamelist.mmosite.com/g/hessian.shtml


maap ane ga bermaksud dopost tp supaya masuk list thread 2nd post gampang di cari :maho
Quote:Original Posted By Zephyrius
APB kaya grand theft auto bro
free kok

klo the secret world lebih real world karena ambil setting di new york ama seoul dan tema nya lebih ke horror thriller

gw lebih suka yg agak2 real bro karena gw anggep agak berbeda aja daripada mmo yg anime2 dan fiksi gitu uda biasa

ya gw juga rencananya sih mau nyoba tu game bosen juga kan maqen game online settingan tempatnya di dunia fantasi gitu
semoga secret world F2P deh
nanti sore gw mau updet game lagi genre MMORTS, ga bisa banyak updet dah mau uts
Quote:Original Posted By gibojack
ya gw juga rencananya sih mau nyoba tu game bosen juga kan maqen game online settingan tempatnya di dunia fantasi gitu
semoga secret world F2P deh
nanti sore gw mau updet game lagi genre MMORTS, ga bisa banyak updet dah mau uts

APB ama Secret World ga lama lg tuh bro Open beta
paling juga pertengahan tahun
tp kemungkinan besar APB bakal rilis lebih dulu daripada SW soal nya APB dah closed beta sih
APB bagus kek grand theft auto
Secret World bagus juga
jadi bingung

yo wes nanti kita maen bareng dah

@jonochi : mantep bro ripiuw nya seperti nya MMOFPS mania nih

Adult Only Kabod Online Open Beta Starts Today & ARGO Online

Website : http://www.kabodonline.net/

Kabod Online has announced that it will begin its open beta, starting March 10th (6pm PST, 9pm EST) and 2am March 11th in the UK (GMT).

Every open beta player who creates an account between March 11th and March 18th will get a Luminant Emerald Necklace and 100 Intermediate Healthy Potions. The game will also hold a level up event for the first week, rewarding players with gold and items based on what level they reach.

Open Beta Date

The server for Open Beta will go live this Friday
Seoul (Server Time) - Friday, March 11, 2011 at 11:00 AM
UK (GMT) - Friday, March 11, 2011 at 02:00 AM
US (EST) - Thursday March 10, 2011 at 09:00 PM
US (PST) - Thursday March 10, 2011 at 06:00 PM

Open Beta Event

1. Free gift for every Open Beta players.
This applies for all old accounts and also new accounts created between March 11, 2011 to March 18, 2011. Items will be delivered to your character's mailbox on the first login. This applies to only one character per account.

  • 1x Luminant Emerald Necklace
  • 100x Intermediate Healthy Potion (+800hp/mp)

2. Level Up Event
Start : Friday, March 11, 2011
End : Friday, March 18, 2011
All players will receive their rewards on next Friday, March 18, 2011.



Website : http://argo.en.alaplaya.net/

ARGO Online is a post apocalyptical MMORPG with RTS elements. It combines great Fantasy- and futuristic Steampunk - Style elements into a bombastic online RPG which teleports you into a post-world-war realm and coerce you to choose between these two races: The Noblian – apologists of technology and progress or the “Floresslah” which are living in symbiosis with nature. Which one would you chose? Do you see the future of mankind in the evolution of technologies or in the symbiosis with nature?

  • Huge character creation system for absolutely individual characters
  • Two factions with eight different character classes each
  • Unique style of pets, vehicles, cities, clothes and armory
  • Vigorous open world with thousands of quests




Website :
Global Server : http://www.firefallthegame.com/

Earth will never be the same. After the Crystite Wars, humanity inadvertently invited the worst enemy ever conceived: THE MELDING. It surrounds us. It forces us to live in pockets of land protected only by the accidental discovery of repulsor technology. We continue to fight for land. For technology. For power. For our very survival. JOIN THE FIGHT.

Red 5 Studios™ presents, FIREFALL™, an online team-based action shooter. Join your friends in an epic online campaign across a vast open world to stop the Melding and fight for the survival of humanity against the army of the Chosen. Advance your army and character through technological upgrades. Level up different character classes. Compete for supremacy in various multiplayer game types. Push back the Melding. SAVE EARTH

Quote:Original Posted By status

Global Sever : Beta Register
Free To Play


Official website:http://www.swtor.com/
release date:unknown, sekitar Q2/Q3 2011 kayaknya

In Star Wars: The Old Republic you will have an emotional attachment to your character and face decisions in the game which will guide the development of your character and determine the direction of the character's storyline. Whatever your choices may be, you'll still be the hero (or villain) of an epic storyline which gives extra meaning to the other gameplay pillars.


SW online:

#2 The Secret World: Getting a Little Less Secret

Website : http://www.thesecretworld.com/

This past week at the Game Developers Conference, Funcom’s The Secret World got a little bit less secret.

In what is sure to be the first in a longer series of reveals about the game as it gets closer and closer to its eventual launch, the team, led by Game Director Ragnar Tornquist, took some tie out to show us some live gameplay and talk about the game’s PvP, skill system and more.

For anyone who may not have been following this game prior to today, The Secret World is Funcom’s newest MMO and takes place on present day Earth. there is, of course, a twist. Everything supernatural you’ve ever heard of is actually real. Your character is a part of a secret society that is trying to stop the darkness that has remained hidden for so long from rising to envelop the world. The game is classless, and built on a skill system. The game’s action takes place primarily in the open world, with only a few instances cropping up. That was what we knew yesterday. Here is what we know today:

The Four Pillars

The first subject that was discussed were the four pillars of The Secret World.

First, you have the modern day setting, which has informed the team’s design choices in everything from the quests that you get to the itemization, the locations that you visit. The developers aim to have built a totally modern MMO, and not a fantasy game with modern wrapping.

Second is character progression. The game defines itself as different by letting players build their own characters from a large skill wheel, allowing players the “freedom to define themselves”.

Third is the conflict. Not only are players in the game world battling against the darkness that rises, but they’re also battling against each other by way of the three factions, or secret societies.

Finally, you have the story, which informs everything. A great world story is unfolding around the characters and the game is designed to enhance that feeling.

Live Demo

The first thing that we were shown in the presentation was the live gameplay demo. The demo took place in Kingsmouth. Anyone who has been following the game will remember this as the Stephen king inspired New England town that gets overrun by zombies which in turn are being created by strange sea creatures.

We saw the way that quests progress as the devs played through this zone. Each mission is divided into tiers, think of them like checkpoints that allow players to more easily move from quest to quest, place to place.

In a zombie setting like Kingsmouth, there are a few expected tropes, but the developers used one in particular to highlight the player’s ability to interact with the game’s environment: car alarms.

In any good zombie setting, you’re going to have abandoned cars, and some of those cars are going to have alarms that, when triggered, will summon hordes of the walkers to your location. The Secret World is no different.

Setting off a car alarm, when done accidentally can be crippling, but it can also be used strategically as, for example, a way to spawn more zombies in the open world (in case you have a quest that requires that).

The quest that we saw provided players with waypoint markers that led players from point to point throughout the mission. We were told, however, that this won’t be the case in every mission, as they don’t want to completely handhold for the players. So, it’ll be available in high action missions, but not in others.

Skill System

There are over 500 unique skills in the game thus far. The developers were quick to point out that these actually are unique skills, you won’t find any variation of Fireball I, II, III, IV, etc. as you do in some other games. A fireball is a fireball and it will scale with your equipment meaning that players should never be left with obsolete skills.

Skills in the Secret World are split into two categories: active and passive. Active skills are those that the players trigger when desired, passive skills are those that just function in the background.

Players will be able to choose an active build for their characters, having access to only seven active skills and seven passive skills at any given time. This allows players who may feel one day like playing a DPS character, and the next day a healer, to do so effectively (provided they have the relevant skills).

Players skill up via experience points, as in a traditional level-based MMORPG. The difference with TSW is that skill points only are rewarded via XP.

There are three subsets of combat in the game: ranged, melee and magic.

Skills are presented to players in the form of a wheel and are divided into cells that contain seven different skills, which can be trained sequentially more like a standard skill tree. Skills at the bottom of the tree cost less while the top of the tree cost more.

For those players who might not want to claw their way through figuring out the best build with the skills, pre-made builds are going to be available, pointing out the best skills for the desired role.


Events seem to be similar to Public Quests in WAR or Incursions in Rift. These are the things that happen in the open world that players can and should band together to solve. The Kingsmouth example that we were given involved defending a police station where survivors have holed up. If you’re anywhere nearby, you’ll be able to hear the air raid siren marking the attack, the idea being that you’ll rush to the station’s aid.

Investigation Missions

On top of the more standard MMO quests in the game, the developers have come up with investigation missions that ask the player to use knowledge and reasoning to continue forward. The example that we were given involved a plaque that had two names on it. Putting the names together sent you to the town hall. At the town hall, you must find a painting of a poet. Choosing the wrong painting will send you down a false trail, choosing the correct painting will point you further down the trail to the next clue, and so on and so on.

The goal here is to create a community mindset.


Normally, in the PvE aspects of the game, each of the game’s three factions team up to fight that rising darkness. It should not be forgotten, however, that these factions are at odds with one another, having different goals and motivations, and that there is a constant struggle for power. That’s where PvP comes in to play.

PvP in The Secret World will take place in instances (similar to the way that it works in Warhammer) that can be entered into either locationally or from anywhere in the world. Each team is uniformed and battles move across the map with plenty of terrain advantage for those who know how to use it.

We were also told that there would likely be a PvP server associated with the game that will allow cross faction fighting in the open world as well.


Called Cabals in The Secret World, there will be lots of Cabal support in the game, though at this time we are told that a Cabal can only be made of of players from the same secret society, sort of like secret societies within secret societies.

We very much look forward to the new information that will most certainly be coming our way over the next few months as The Secret World ramps up for its closed beta test.


You can acquire powers within anything from firearms to destructive magic, mix and match anything. You can choose to specialize your ability in a certain direction, or develop it into several lines. Regardless of your choices, you will never be at a disadvantage and you can always play together with anyone you want to. Besides, the various cloths in the game are available to everyone, too. You can always get new cloths by completing missions, exploration, shopping, etc.

Battle creatures from myth and legend in modern and mythical places

From the realistic metropolises such as London, Seoul and New York, to exotic adventure locations throughout Egypt, Transylvania, New England, and more, you will engage with huge monsters asw well as players of the other factions. Except for fighting, you may also discover secrets, legends and conspiracy theories of the real world.

Character - no class, no level, free to use all weapons

You may have already known that but the developer gives more details about it. There are hundreds of different powers and thousands of weapons: pistols, assault rifles, black magic, fireballs, katanas, explosives, every weapon you can name.


gan mw tanya emang ff 14 udah ada kluar yg online yah?? :


en 1 lagi ini pirus anima ... ga isa dimaenin yah ini di indo ???
Quote:Original Posted By Leonardi88
gan mw tanya emang ff 14 udah ada kluar yg online yah?? :


en 1 lagi ini pirus anima ... ga isa dimaenin yah ini di indo ???

FF 14 mah uda lama gan keluar nya
emang itu online kok..
pirus anima?? :
wah ane lagi nungguin APB sama SW aja nih gan !

kasih tau yah klo udah OBT.

trus game MMORPG kayak RYL gitu ada ga ?

grafiknya tapi lebih bagusan lah...


Website : http://www.dreamlords.com/

Paradox Interactive just announced the launch of Dreamlords: Resurrection, a Free-to-Play fantasy based MMORTS game for the PC. The innovative online strategy game brings players into a world where great armies and allies work together to conquer an exciting, vibrant fantasy world.

To celebrate the launch of Dreamlords: Resurrection, Paradox and the game' developer, Lockpick, are offering all new players 1,000 Paradox Ducats valued at more than $10, just for signing up. The Ducats can be spent on in-game items and enhancements that you're your Dreamlord more powerful as you conquer your enemies faster. The promotion will last for a limited time, so players are encouraged to start a new character today.

"Dreamlords: Resurrection perfectly melds the worlds of online gaming and real-time strategy in a new and unique way," said Tom Söderlund, Project Lead for Paradox Connect. With the Starter Pack, players will receive consumables that will accelerate their advancement through the game and enable them to build a powerful army and conquer land faster.

Gameplay features:

  • Free to play

  • Fast paced RTS action

  • Long term character progression and specialization

  • Advanced Empire management

  • Achievements and rewards

  • Clan based co-operation (Convergence)

  • Intense Player vs Player combat

  • Research new troops and technology

  • Pay Tribute to the gods in order to receive blessings and gifts from them


menurut TS dan agan2 nih, game dengan kostumisasi karakter paling gila-gilaan itu apa yaa??
Quote:Original Posted By Spooth25
menurut TS dan agan2 nih, game dengan kostumisasi karakter paling gila-gilaan itu apa yaa??

maybe perfect world??
Quote:Original Posted By Spooth25
menurut TS dan agan2 nih, game dengan kostumisasi karakter paling gila-gilaan itu apa yaa??

menurut gw sih aion sama champions online
Quote:Original Posted By Spooth25
menurut TS dan agan2 nih, game dengan kostumisasi karakter paling gila-gilaan itu apa yaa??

Quote:Original Posted By texhnolyze
menurut gw sih aion sama champions online

agree on champions online:
gue buat charnya aja nyampe 20-30 menitan kali yah
banyak banget soalnya pilihan custom buat charnya
nga ada mmorpg yg bisa gwa icip lagi ya XD

ARGO... lag nya >.<!

mytheon ma faxion... ngak mood setelah liat sc nya...

dragon nest... masi lama
prius... ip block

dun like mmorts/fps >.<! [kecuali W.O.T ]