InstaRO (Ragnarok Online) Private Server

InstaRO (Ragnarok Online) Private Server

Founded by debio21


InstaRO Private Server
Come and Join us at :)
Server Specification :

Server Online 24 Hour
99,99% NO LAG (Except Down)
Server Host : Jakarta, Indonesia

Lvl Base/Job : 150/70
Base Rate/Jobs : 8500x/8500x (Custom)
Job 2 Transcended Champion,Assassin Cross,Lord Knight .etc
Max. Status : 150
Max. Aspd : 190

Drop Rate Normal Card : 7.5%
Drop Rate MVP Card : 0.2%
Added More Than 200++ Custom Equip
Friendly GM

Npc's :
Private Mvp Room
PvP Warper
Mall Warper
Custom Item Quest By InstaRO Team
Disguise Event
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Founded On: 30 November 2012
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