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 Sticky: [Lounge] Regional Canada
by: rina.kawaei
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 Sticky: Mohon penjelasan PR Canada
by: spyder
by: Giacint4
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 Sticky: Tentang Akomodasi di Canada & bagi yang mencari, menyewakan dll
by: novsuzy
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 Sticky: Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program
by: SandyGirl
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 Sticky: (Info) Higher Education System in Canada
by: darthvall
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 Sticky: CANADA Jual Beli - WTS/WTB
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 Sticky: Nikmati Hidup di Kanada
by: prizty
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 Sticky: Tentang Gelap/Ov’r St’y/Pend'tang H’ram
by: cantalup
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 Sticky: [Bakti Sosial] Kaskuser SMA: Satu Kesempatan Beribu Kenangan
by: kaskuser.sma
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 Sticky: Request Obat Indonesia
by: SandyGirl
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 Sticky: Pelayanan Konsuler KJRI Toronto (unoff), silakan kumpul, tanya di sini
by: SandyGirl
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Lowongan Kerja di Canada
by: bulukberjuang
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Gimana Cari Agen Kerja utk Canada yang Legal?
by: andrygl
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Opportunity to immigrate to a small city in Morden manitoba
by: erwin_311
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[ASK] Jasa Pengiriman Barang dari Indonesia, ada yang tahu?
by: Dimasof
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Canada VS New Zealand
by: reza.mediansyah
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Curhat / Keluh kesah tentang Canada
by: SandyGirl
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Kenapa Bisa Sampai Di Canada?
by: SandyGirl
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Why canada ?
by: SandyGirl
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Moving to Calgary
by: SandyGirl
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