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 Sticky: Rules Hardware Review Lab : PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY
by: henzhou
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 Sticky: Index Forum Hardware Review Lab
by: p3ndo3l
by: Kombre
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 Sticky: Peringatan buat pertamaxers and the gang
by: mnemonix
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[Notebook]Asus A46CB
by: ivandymaulana
Replies: 4,822
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[NOTEBOOK] Lenovo Y410p-1919, Y510p's Little brother that packs a punch!
by: s4n1p4r
Replies: 872
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by: babyroshan
Replies: 1,439
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[CASING] Dazumba D-Vito 911
by: JavierAgungZ23
Replies: 117
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[Review] ASUS A46CM i5 VERSION - Laptop manstap gan :D
by: lugasmam
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[Laptop Gaming] XENOM Siren SR13 - Hardware Photo & Gaming
by: A2L
by: WXH
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[NOTEBOOK] Lenovo G410-0016 | Best Value for i5 Haswell non ULV Notebook!!
by: drsobotta
Replies: 56
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by: Palenesia
Replies: 2,424
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[SPEAKER] Mini Review dbE SP66n USB Multimedia Speaker.
by: i.mac
by: the.maximum
Replies: 147
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[DAC+AMP] FiiO E10K Olympus 2
by: ashigi
by: dude.ranch
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Poll: reborn review lab : ASUS K45 / K55DR
by: k45d
by: .kyuu.
Replies: 2,690
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[NOTEBOOK] REVIEW ASUS A43SA - VX022D , Laptop Handal Penerus A43SV
by: yudhaaz1
Replies: 7,659
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[Speaker]Thonet & Vander DASS - 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
by: DiEs
by: tigrer
Replies: 704
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Poll: [NOTEBOOK]Lenovo Y510P THE Best Priced Gaming Notebook with NVIDIA GT750M SLI 4GB
by: littlehenri
Replies: 1,544
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[Notebook] A450L / X450LD, Haswell Core i5 + GeForce 820m
by: bmcbbc
by: arczenhir
Replies: 30
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[Asus A451LB] Low Budget With Nvidia GeForce
by: alonesya24
Replies: 111
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[Soundcard]Asus Xonar Phoebus - ROG High End Gaming soundcard Review
by: DiEs
by: godzigma
Replies: 284
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