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Tempat diskusi seputar games yang dimainkan di Personal Computer (PC)

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 Sticky: [REBORN] KASKUS STEAM Original Steam User
by: RR10
by: squidd13
Replies: 7,005
Views: 189,673
 Sticky: PC Games Request, READ PAGE 1 BEFORE REQUEST
by: fifa14full
Replies: 4,803
Views: 201,993
 Sticky: Nyari Game Bagus Tapi Spek Mentok? [Sebelum Post Baca Page 1]
by: fahrazka
Replies: 5,788
Views: 211,335
 Sticky: Troubleshooting PC GAME -Harap cek Page 1 dulu sebelum bertanya- - Part 2
by: z-0o-m
Replies: 3,726
Views: 111,091
 Sticky: Emulator Thread v2.22 [All about emulators on PC] - Read FAQs on 1st page First!!
by: bangjune
Replies: 6,418
Views: 213,360
 Sticky: Index Thread Forum PC Games | Liat Ini Sebelum Buat Thread |
by: lukmankhakim
Replies: 123
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 Sticky: Thread Jual/Beli = Ban Tanpa Peringatan!
by: inferno913
Replies: 0
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 Sticky: [NEW] Rules of #528 v3.0 [Baca dulu sebelum post!]
by: Dori Dori
Replies: 1
Views: 27,174
[OFFICIAL] DIABLO III: Reaper of Souls | No one can stop death
by: i0r1
Replies: 1,613
Views: 57,804
Jual PC games S.T.A.L.K.E.R di lampung
by: thomaslee
Replies: 1
Views: 7
Poll: [PC] Battlefield 4 [The Battle Has Begun]
by: sandro89
Replies: 7,936
Views: 188,727
FITUR UTAMA PES 2015 [Bukan Official Thread]
by: muramassa
Replies: 6
Views: 241
[UPCOMING 2014] The Sims 4 ~ Olympus
by: hansenraynaldhi
Replies: 1,251
Views: 82,925
The Walking Dead Season 2 (Telltale Games)
by: vanpersievan
Replies: 713
Views: 30,582
Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare | EA | PopCap Games
by: mr.dp
by: pacifista
Replies: 742
Views: 54,923
5 Game Pc Paling Addictive
by: raihanrsd
Replies: 51
Views: 4,012
[OT|Released] Dark Souls II
by: kuanvidravx8
Replies: 1,164
Views: 69,582
*Official Thread* EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 - Part 1
by: NikoB08
Replies: 5,536
Views: 103,173
Share Add on Flight Simulator
by: aardvark62
Replies: 3,711
Views: 432,541
Crusader Kings II : Build Your Dynasty
by: Tieren
by: AccretiaStriker
Replies: 542
Views: 36,238