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English Education & Literature
A place where you can find all the English help you need from TOEFL, IELTS and everything else regarding the English language and its usage.
What kind of English- indonesian dictionary do you use? paper dictionary? or mobile ?
by ulfah29
Fun with English
A place to learn English through various game threads.
Song game - Part 2
by izaferdian
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Why indonesian people don't like to talk?
by: yamamotosan
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[Video Inside] Yuk...Belajar Bahasa Inggris
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Poll: kursus bahasa inggris garansi ulang seumur hidup depok
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Whatsapp Grup For Sharing and Learning English
by: billionairedo
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Learn English Online
by: pathfinder87
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What's your favourite Motto or Quote?
by: manuslav
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Share What Music You Play And Why ?
by: Henlauw
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What Are Ur Dream Jobs?
by: yamamotosan
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